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International Schools are the ones established solely for the children of International Personnel. The people who are working in International companies, MNC’s, Embassy, and NGO’s often take their children along. International Schools help these children in... read more+ receiving education as per the international standards. They mostly come under the International Baccalaureate or the IB Board, but some schools follow the curriculum of Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel as well. These schools have to strictly adhere to the procedures of the Indian national system, no matter the examination pattern they adopt. A majority of such schools are located in metro cities or the vicinity. The following page presents 1 schools, the first one is Rupy'S International School at P.O. Box No.20, Kathmandu, Nepal Foreign Schools 044601 and the last one is Rupy'S International School located at P.O. Box No.20, Kathmandu, Nepal Foreign Schools 044601. show less-

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Rupy'S International School

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P.O. Box No.20, Kathmandu, Nepal Nepal Foreign Schools

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