About us

About us

Welcome to iCBSE.com. Over at iCBSE, we aim at providing the CBSE students with all the important information they need. There are plenty of features offered on the website. Like, time to time we keep posting projects so the students can keep up with their semesters. For this, we ensure a highly educated staff is available online who can guide you through any difficulty you face in your projects or have any question that you are not able to find the answer to. We make sure the syllabus is updated regularly so you do not miss out any studies. Also, date sheet of all or any upcoming exams is always posted on the website so the students can get ready accordingly.

After completion of exams, getting into good universities is the next milestone for any student to conquer. We provide all relevant information about all reputed universities so you can make the right decision. To make it easy for you to not miss out on your studies, we post online textbooks so students can access them online and do not have to spend hundreds on purchasing them.

Time to time, we keep posting articles to motivate students and guides to help them in their studies. A list of faqs is also available on our website. We have tried to answer all the relevant questions that most students want answers for. Apart from the above features, our aim is to provide a stress-free academic year that is totally student-centered with a holistic educational system. We also monitor and analyze the academic activities to ensure the activities bring out the best in the students.

We make adaptation easy through innovative methods so students can achieve their goals in not just conformity, but social principles as well. We aim in encouraging schools to give a documented progress of the students by their teachers in a friendly atmosphere. We make plans and execute them as well and make sure we achieve benchmark quality that meets the National goals. We organize empowerment programs so the teaching faculty is always up-to-date with the latest teaching system.

We provide updated exam instructions, date sheet, and syllabus so students maintain a high academic standard. The innovative methodology is used in both teaching and learning methods so student's don't feel burdened and manage a more relaxed educational system. The students are also offered job oriented links so they can not just get an education, but be self-supportive. Our website is regularly updated hence, all information is as per guidelines. Time to time service training programs and workshops for students are organized giving a better evaluation time for teachers and students alike.

Over at iCBSE, we believe education is the right of everyone. We embrace everyone who is eager to get an education. We encourage all those students who are curious and want answers. As this is what propels them to learn.

We also provide an online quiz system in which students are required to answer some questions. You will be given a time frame to complete the quiz and will be provided three to four answers to choose from. The marks will let you evaluate how well you did and in case of a low score, well that means you need to study a bit harder and if you score well, then congrats, but keep revising to maintain the graph.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. - Socrates
September 19th, 2019 - Thursday

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