CBSE asks schools to create Eco-Clubs for Environment & Water Conservation

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CBSE asks schools to create Eco-Clubs for Environment & Water Conservation
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Humans are evolving but the environment has to pay a heavy price for it. Environmental degradation is alarming and keeping this in mind CBSE has issued a policy to all its affiliated schools on preserving and respecting our environment under various initiatives that should be run at a regular scale. In order for the students to actively participate in environmental endeavours, it is also important that they understand the importance of it. CBSE through its 2018 by laws clause 14.26 clearly elucidated that all schools should encourage water conservation and rainwater harvesting techniques to children. Not just water, all students should also be made aware of preserving good things in the environment by avoiding wastage of electricity, energy, and focus on cleanliness. All these initiatives should motivate them to support a greener environment.

One Child One Plant

CBSE truly believes that one step at a time will make a great impact and it is their belief that the future generations will pave the way for a new Earth. It has also started with a ‘One child one plant’ campaign where children will be asked to plant at least one tree at a location convenient to him. The child also will have to take care of the plant so that it builds in the child, concern for the environment. The schools have to do their bit by conducting such campaigns and also support the gestures by creating awareness. Schools should think out of the box and plan activities that will help students understand the importance of a healthy environment.


CBSE also has categorically implied that students will also be graded for internal assessment on work experience, the details for which are explicitly given in the documents of the curriculum. Keeping in mind the national agenda of Government “Jal Shakti Abhyaan” CBSE also has conceptualized and formulated the guiding principle on “Eco Clubs” with a vision to conserve water and understanding the importance of rainwater reaching the ground levels. It also spells out guidelines on the importance of sustainability of the environment and has refurbished policies to include the same in co-curricular activities. The rules also spell out that students between classes 5 and 12 should be mandatorily be taught on how to conserve and save at least 1-litre water per day. With these initiatives in mind, the focus is on reinvigorating our environment and also set a new example to the other boards to encourage students to participate in matters concerning their future.

The schools have been issued notices with immediate effect and every school has to necessarily send reports on the activities it has fostered and undertaken under its leadership. Every single initiative and its results should be reported online in the link  or be uploaded in the app which is stated to be created sooner. Every month’s activity should be uploaded by the 10th day of every month and every school should comply with the new regulations.

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Source: Circular No. Acad.42/2019

CBSE Students Schools Curriculum Policy Rules
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