CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2019 to be held in October and November

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CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2019 to be held in October and November
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CBSE Heritage Quiz

All across the world, India is considered to be the centre for rich culture and heritage. Our monuments and sites are the biggest identities of our culture. Every student of the future generation should be made aware of our heritage and how they can go about preserving it for the future. They should take pride in our legacy and learn to safeguard it. CBSE like its major events has taken upon themselves to prompt, inspire and encourage the future generation to take efforts to not just know but also to know about the rich history of these sites. With this view CBSE conducts the CBSE Heritage India Quiz every year and this year too, the time has come for CBSE to conduct it. The current Heritage quiz will have 255 of the questions based on the Life and Journey of the Great Mahatma Gandhi. The premise of the quiz will be “our water heritage” and it will be divided into two phases.

First Phase

This phase will comprise of an online test which will have MCQ questions. The date for the online test will be announced on the website of the board. It will be conducted in the month of October this year. The online quiz will have 60 MCQ questions and the time given will be 50 minutes. Students from 9th to 12th can participate in the quiz. Every school will have three student quiz takers who will give the quiz. On the day of the quiz the schools have to ensure that they organise it on time and in well-equipped labs. The school also has to have back-up options in case of electricity discharge or connectivity options. After the test gets submitted information on the performance in the test will be given. CBSE then will put up region-wise merit list and the top team from every region will be given the green signal for phase 2. As of now, there are 16 segregated regions by CBSE. 16 top schools will be called in for phase 2 quiz competition. 

Second Phase

This is the semi-final and final level quiz at the national level. 16 schools will participate in this quiz which will be telecasted on national news channels. The tentative date for it will be in November this year. The 16 teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4 colleges each. From every group, a winner school will emerge which will appear for the final round. The quiz will be held in New Delhi and travel and food reimbursement for students travelling to Delhi will be compensated by the Board. 

All participants will be given certificates and winners will be given cash prizes. 

Prize Amount Division Total Prize Money
1'st Prize 25000 into 1 team 25000
2'nd Prize 15000 into 1 team 15000
3'rd Prize 10000 into 1 team 10000
4th Prize 8000 into 1 team 8000
Semi-Final 2'nd Prize 5000 into 3 teams 15000
Semi-Final 2'nd Prize 3000 into 3 teams 9000
Semi-Final 2'nd Prize 2000 into 3 teams 6000

Schools across India and outside are encouraged to participate. All the schools that are interested to participate should visit the website and confirm their participation on or before 30th September 2019. A minimal fee of Rs 900 will be charged for registration. It is upon the schools to select three students to represent them based on their internal assessment methods. The schools should have registration confirmation physical copy with them in case of future issues. One teacher also will be expected to accompany the students for the final quiz in Delhi. 

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