Collaborative Learning Hub (CLH): A Way for CBSE Schools to Share Resources

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Collaborative Learning Hub (CLH): A Way for CBSE Schools to Share Resources
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Collaborative Learning Hub (CLH) is a new concept of Central Board of Secondary Education which they will start from 1st July 2019 for academic proficiency. Under such program, a group of schools and the community will work together as a unit. This will enable the teachers of five to six schools and the student to collaborate among themselves and build the capacity, engage themselves in joint activities and facilitate the teachers and the students to help each other in building the curriculum and the preparing the exam papers for Class 1 to 8.

How will Collaborative Learning Hub (CLH) look like:

There are 22257 schools including schools which are out of India and all these schools will be divided into 4500 groups. Each group will have five schools from the same district. The school which will be considered as the best school will be the lead school for two years. The best schools will be analyzed in terms of infrastructure, results, and innovation.

This is a huge step taken by the Board and it is welcomed by mostly all the schools. The schools will get an opportunity to work with the other school jointly and shares ideas and thoughts. In the process, the schools will share their infrastructure, intellects and other resources and bring of the best and will become the changemaker for the next generation.

There are many good teachers in many schools and the school’s which lack such resources will be able to get in touch with those good teachers and build up their academic education and other aspects of the vocational parts. This method will build good teacher-student relation and will break the monotonous system of learning.

This hub will also share the resources like sports, laboratories, auditorium and organize training for the Principal and Teachers so that they can groom themselves in a better way and bring change in the education system. The CLH will organize seminars on energy and water conservation, safety and security, health and public welfare, digital innovations, ethics, moral and leadership skills. The hub will also give the teachers and students to interact with the factories, administrative headquarters, industrial units, security services, business houses and even with the institutions of higher learning.

The objective of this HUB is to build a better India with a strong and ethical future generation who can take this country ahead.

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