CBSE objective type questions (MCQ) in Class 12 & 10 Board Exams

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CBSE objective type questions (MCQ) in Class 12 & 10 Board Exams
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Someone very brilliantly said once that if you score high marks it is not necessarily an indication of your intelligence, but surely is an indication of your mugging powers. The statement reflects the current tradition of the Indian education system where the learning process still needs a sea change. Hence in order to facilitate change and bring about a revolution in the way schools conduct exam, CBSE has taken a rather bold stance deviating from the hitherto set norms and regulations. From the descriptive and subjective answers, CBSE has decided to change routes to an objective type question pattern for Class 12th which is indeed the need of the hour. The objective type questions likely to be included in the pattern are multiple-choice questions, questions on ranking, reasoning and sequencing the order according to the best choice. These questions can be answered only when the student has studied the syllabus properly and understood it deeply. CBSE aims to train teachers throughout to ensure they understand the process and train the students accordingly by creating a pool for their internal needs.

What is the actual plan?

As per the new rules of CBSE, more emphasis will be given to internal and school-level assessment. Even for the external paper, some changes will be made wherein a number of objective type questions will be included from the 2020 process. Prior to this ruling, the concept of internal assessment was foreign but now as per the rules, 20% will be allocated for internal assessment and 80% for the external assessment. For class 12 Math and English subjects, external board exam will be conducted for 80 marks and the remaining 20 marks will be kept for internal assessment. For English specifically, the 20 marks for internal assessment can be secured after undergoing an internal assessment of active listening and reading test which will be invigilated by an external examiner.

Increase in the number of objective type questions

This decision surely is good news for all the students because CBSE is introducing 25% MCQ’s in the board exams. So, out of 80 marks, only 60 marks would be kept aside for subjective questions leaving room for 20 marks for objective type of questions.

Why is CBSE changing the assessment process?

CBSE has always established that the need for education is to instil confidence, innovative thinking, conceptual understanding, analysis skills and problem-solving techniques. These were followed in the letter but not in the spirit in all schools where overt stress is laid on gaining an edge over others by scoring well. So if you are good at mugging and cannot understand the concept in totality, you would still be scoring great marks. But the question is where the learning is? Would that child in such a case remember his learning when he or she grows up? The clear answer is no. Education according to CBSE must be curiosity generated which takes you through different paths of imagination. Hence the need for changing the assessment pattern is urgent because brilliance should not be measured by marks but by understanding.

Benefits of Objective Type Questions like MCQs

  1. The students will be relieved of the burden of writing lengthy papers and be tested on their memory.
  2. The process also will ensure that students will understand and study the chapters because MCQ’s might be tricky and difficult
  3. It will also help them improve their marks
  4. Will increase reasoning and analytical skills putting an end to rote learning.

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Avatar I'm appearing for cbse improvement exam next year. How will these changes affect me? Please reply...

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