CBSE was hard on schools for not releasing Teachers for Evaluation

Published 3 months ago by Indrani
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CBSE was hard on schools for not releasing Teachers for Evaluation
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This year Central Board of Secondary Education was hard on the schools affiliated to CBSE for not releasing their teachers for evaluating the answer papers of 2019 both in 10th and 12th standards.

Relieving teachers for evaluation of the exam papers were the mandate of education Board given to the CBSE Schools and despite such published mandate the schools did not release them. This forced the Board to act hard on the schools as well as on the teachers.

More than 3500 teachers were show caused for not appearing for evaluation and more than 200 teachers were from Delhi capital. It was very hard for at least 15 schools who lost their affiliation due to violating the mandate. Besides taking other actions against the schools and the teachers there was also financial penalty charged on the teachers individually and the amount was not less.

Each teacher was charged a penalty of Rs.50,000 by the Board and the relevant authorities will take strict action against these government schools falling under the mandate.

The CBSE result was published in the month of May. In 2020 the authorities will be more vigilant so that such attitude of the schools and teachers does not occur. This results in a lot of delay and discrepancy in evaluation and results and the students suffer the most.



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