Tips for Cracking Entrance Exams after Class 12 in 2020

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Tips for Cracking Entrance Exams after Class 12 in 2020
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Entrance exams are not easy nuts to crack. It is not only about hard work and alertness but also to keep oneself healthy and fit. A student besides preparing for regular exams of 12th standard or at Under Graduate level have to parallelly take care of their Entrance exams be it of any subject or streams. In today’s environment, all students are under pressure from family, society and other environments be it schools, peer groups, and even self-driven expectation. To cope up everything one needs to be calm with good, simple food and should be mentally calm as no result is the ultimate in life.

It is not about hard work and a lot of studies but to put one’s best in the examination paper at a point in time. There are some suggestions for the young ones to make their life little simple during such critical moments in life.

Strength and Weakness

It is very important for all students to know about their own weaknesses and strength which might add a lot of value to themselves while preparing and appearing for the Entrance Exams. One must know it well and play with the strength and sail through the weakness to gain positive results in this kind of exams. One who is not aware of these two then it will not be easy to crack such exams.

Practical Study Plan.

Do what you can. Students based on their strength must plan their Study schedule for preparation. One must plan in such a way so that it becomes easy to implement. One must dedicate more time for the tough one and keep buffer time for incomplete tasks. This will give a panned structure of study for the Entrance Exams.

Exam Strategy

It is very important to critically strategize the question while answering the paper. There no rule that one should attend the question as it appears in the paper. One must attempt and finish the best-prepared answers and then can go for the questions which are comparatively tough or difficult. No strategy no gain.  

Read the Question Paper cautiously

Examiners will try their best to put the students in a trap with twisted questions. One must read the question very carefully and critically so that the one can find out what is asked for. One should look for questions which have more than one right answers and one should choose the multiple correct answers.

Few Books for Theory.

Students have the tendency to refer too many books, but this might lead to confusion and even a waste of time. Most of the books convey the same thing. So, no point referring too much books for one subject.

Train your mind for exams

One must be prepared to do well in the Entrance exam. This demands long term consistency. This long term involves a lot of studies, hard works, time management, good food, and good sleep and a little bit of exercise which will boost up energy and keep the student fit.

Previous Years Paper

One must practice the previous year’s papers at least for last 5 years as that gives a clear picture of the probable question and the pattern and the student will be able to strategize the pattern of answers. At least two months before the exam one should finish answering the previous years' papers. One must complete each previous year’s paper in the same time slot as the final exam. Then one will be able to manage the time against each answer.

Cheat-Sheet to revise Formulas

If the examinees forget any formulae then one can revise it from the Cheat-Sheet prepared by our experts.

Balanced Diet and Calm Mind

Balanced and light diet during the exam will keep the students remain fit and healthy and proper health helps to maintain the consistency of Mind which is very important during the Entrance exam. The Entrance exams like JEE, Rail, NEET, AIIMS, CAT and many others are very important as the whole career of a student may depend on this. Parents and elders should take care of the health, Diet and of the environment so that the students can appear the exams with proper physical and mental health.

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