CBSE Proposes Major Change in Practical Exam Pattern from 2020

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CBSE Proposes Major Change in Practical Exam Pattern from 2020
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CBSE has planned to implement an important change in the pattern of practical exams for class XIIth from the year 2020 onwards. There would also be set up specialized centers for conducting such practical exams. The schools are to be informed soon about this important upgrade, said CBSE Director, Dr Sanyam Bhardwaj. As practicals so far have been conducted at school level, CBSE has decided to introduce admit cards as well. These cards would have photographs of the students also.

A Full Stop on Fake Practices

It has been agreed to that the above measure would help in curbing cheating practices. Based on the complaints by various external examiners, it was found out that many a times marks were given then and there after the exam on practical sheets. The new measure also aims at reducing the corruption resulting from the liaisons between external examiners and school administration.

A Full Stop on Flying Examinees

It is astonishing but there have been cases of flying registrations by students. In such cases, a student is registered in a different state but is to be found studying in colleges of other states. For instance, a student studying in Patna maybe found studying in a college in Kota or Delhi, etc.

No Lab, No Practicals

CBSE has made it mandatory for schools to have laboratories. As only schools with laboratories would get the CBSE approved practical exams center. It applies to both Xth and XIIth standards. Students from schools with no laboratories would have to give their exams in the practical exam centers of other schools.

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