SSC Schools to implement Grading System

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SSC Grading System

Studying at a state board school might be from this year the best bargain for many children in the city. The government is considering a proposal for a grades-based marking system and a no-fail policy for SSC schools.

The proposed continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) for state board schools is similar to the system followed by CBSE schools except that it will be for standards I to VIII, instead of standards IX and X for the CBSE schools.

The proposal is by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) on the basis of recommendations of the Right to Education (RTE) Act. An SCERT official said the proposal entails formative and summative assessment, and a decision on it will be taken in 10 days. The proposal has also been sent to the Sarva Shikshan Abhiyan (SSA), Maharashtra, for its suggestions.

Formative assessment will be of a student’s participation in extra curricular activities, project work, behaviour, enthusiasm, etc.

Summative assessment will be on the basis of a written test after course-end. Each school will be free to do the CCE as it wishes.

“Students will be evaluated wholly, not just based on exams. The formative assessment will focus on the light skills of students, much like the CBSE pattern for standards IX and X,” the SCERT official said.

The ratio of the formative and summative assessments will be 80:20 in standards I and II, 70:30 in standards III and IV, and 50:50 in standards V to VIII.

The annual report card of a student will contain grades in place of marks, but a student with an E grade — the lowest — instead of being failed, will be promoted to the higher class, but will need mandatory remedial training.

“We have focussed on the aspect of teaching and learning simultaneously,” said Anil Bhidge, the outgoing director of the SCERT. “Less importance will be accorded to summative assessment, or written test, in the lower classes. Also, our committee has suggested only one term-end test and two unit tests, instead of the eight unit tests as is current.”

The committee includes academicians, subject teachers and college principals, and was set up in the wake of the RTE Act.

If the government takes a positive decision on the committee’s report - which is likely — teachers will be trained and the system implemented from this year itself.

Yogita Rao, DNA

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