Academic Reading Made Digital by Shodhganga, Shodhgangotri & NDL

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Academic Reading Made Digital by Shodhganga, Shodhgangotri & NDL
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To make far reaching changes in the education sector, digital programs have been launched by the Ministry for Human Resource Development to make educational materials and resources available in a digital format. The availability of such resources through digital repositories encapsulates all levels and domains of education. Lakhs of students have so far benefitted from this digital learning platform. Let us explore the three important programs launched by the MHRD under the scheme:

I. Shodhganga

The Shodhganga is a digital repository of resources available to the academic community worldwide. Research scholars from different universities and institutes can share, deposit and re-use the theses and dissertations in a digital format. Scanned copies are also available at this platform. This repository has seen progressive growth in the past few years and today it has 2,32,556 theses in its account. Around 397 universities are sharing the theses at an average rate of 40,000 theses per year.

II. Shodhgangotri

Research scholars and supervisors, in order to register themselves for a Ph.D. program, can submit their synopsis through this platform. Synopsis so submitted to this platform would be later on mapped onto a complete theses at Shodhganga.

III. National Digital Library (NDL)

  • The NDL aims at collecting, preserving and disseminating the intellectual output of the country so that online access can be provided from school level till post graduate level. This platform covers technical education also.
  • Meta data of e-resources is provided to learners on anytime, anywhere access mode. Digital format of resources that are either licensed or face no copyright infringement are also provided as complete documents under the scheme. Scanned documents have also been made available and students across various universities have benefited from the course.
  • The NDL today provides access to more than three crore digital resources and covers all levels and domains of education, including life long learners. The NDL today has more the fifty lakh registered users with around twenty lakh active users. The platform is also available as an online application.

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