School boards must follow National Curriculum Framework (NCF) by NCERT says NCPCR

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School boards must follow National Curriculum Framework (NCF) by NCERT says NCPCR
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All Boards be it CBSE, ICSE or State Boards if found to deviate from the curriculum laid down by National Curriculum Framework (NCF) which is designed by NCERT or National Council for Education and Training strict action will be taken under section 29 of Right to Education Act 2009. There are many schools which are found to violate the curriculum laid down by NCF mainly during the elementary school level. The Boards will be accountable for such violations and tough measures will be taken against them.

NCERT has framed the education curriculum at school level from elementary to Higher Secondary keeping in mind the all-round development of the students with an inclusive education system which involves family, society and educational institutions. The syllabus of every subject is framed in a way which will impart inclusive education to the student. The main objective of the curriculum is to bring quality education and uniformity of curriculum in all schools under the same board. Necessary steps will be enforced if there is any violation in following the curriculum. National Commission for Protection of Child’s Right (NCRCR) observed that some boards are violating the RTE Act and thus the State Government received instruction from NCPCR to act against them. The commission strictly instructed the CBSE Board to follow the uniformity in curriculum and assessment which are laid down by NCERT and not to overstep into their domain by formulating their own curriculum. The Commission moreover was strong with its point that all school must follow the uniformity in education and thus they issued the books which are prescribed by NCERT which will not only reduce the cost of education but will reduce the weight of the school bags which are too much for the children to bear. If any Board fail to follow this rule this will be a violation under RTE Act and the commission will be taking necessary steps against the Board. Under RTE the cost of education must be less even in private schools. It further states that there should not be any discrimination among the students if they carry the books prescribed by the education authority. The schools must upload all the directions of NCERT in their website and should put the same thing on their school Notice board.

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