Re-examination for Class 10 Mathematics Paper Cancelled

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On 30th March 2018, the Board issued a Notification stating that the re-examination for Maths class X would be conducted in the State of Delhi NCR and Haryana, if considered necessary after inquiry. Internal inquiries and analysis based on available material and inputs from the ongoing police investigations are indicating that the alleged leak may be confined to a few alleged beneficiaries. Similarly, the trend of random evaluation done so far for class X Mathematics paper, is not indicating sudden spikes or unusual patterns, giving any impression of passing on widespread benefits of alleged leaks to students. Further, the Board has come across several fake question papers being put up on social media, obviously with a view to spread panic amongst our students, parents and schools.

Meanwhile, Board is constantly receiving representations from stakeholders indicating anxiety amongst children of class X due to the uncertainty surrounding the Maths examination. Also, we have received over 1000 calls on our Counseling Helpline Desk enquiring about whether the re-examination will be held and requesting for announcing the dates for the reconduct of Maths Class X examination.

Class X examination is essentially a gateway for class XI, it thus, remains largely an internal segment of school education system. It is therefore felt that the Board must address the primary concern of a large section of the students Keeping in mind the paramount interest of students, the Board has taken the considered decision to not hold the re examination of Class X Maths paper even in Delhi NCR and Haryana. Therefore, the class X Maths re-examinations will not be held anywhere in the country. However, wherever it is conclusively established, after due enquiry in specific cases, that undue advantage of the alleged leakage has been taken by certain beneficiaries, action shall be taken as per the provisions of CBSE Examination Bye Laws.

On the other hand, Class XII exams are a gateway to higher education and various professional competitive exams which have limited seats. In the present scenario, the admitting institutions of higher education are likely to have reservations against this batch of students regarding Economics results, not only in India but also in foreign institutions. Therefore, giving undue advantage to a handful of beneficiaries of the alleged leak would not be in the larger academic interest of these students, and neither does it uphold principles of education or the sanctity of the Board exams. Hence it is also stated that the Board’s decision to reconduct the examination of Class XII Economics Paper (Code 030) on 25lh April, 2018, for all candidates, except for CBSE students of schools located outside India, remains unchanged.

Via CBSE Circular dated 3/4/2018

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