Proposed National Education Policy 2019 drafts major changes in CBSE

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Proposed National Education Policy 2019 drafts major changes in CBSE
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With Shri Nerendra Modi’s return to run the Indian government, the ministry of education will be ministered by Ramesh Pokhriyal.

The committee of HRD drafted the educational policy for public review. It is mainly directed towards promoting all Indian languages and equal development. There are few amendments in the draft which after approval will bring changes in CBSE syllabus and schedule.

Here are some proposals in the draft which the public will assess:

  • The policy, if implemented will result in the alterations in the assessment and examination system of school and higher education. The 10+2 system will replace with 5+3+3+4 format.
  • The students of class 3, 5 and 8 will be having state census examinations for polishing their knowledge, core competence and high order thinking. There will be two semesters in every secondary stage.
  • The students of class 6, 7 and 8 will have to study classical language of India for minimum 2 years with the option of continuing it further.
  • The curricular shall include such courses which help the students to know enhance their skill in a better way. Although the students are given the freedom to choose the subjects of their interest, there shall be certain specific skills that will be mandatory for all the students to learn. It includes digital literacy, sense of aesthetics, proficiency in languages, arts, scientific temper and communication.
  • The students should have the knowledge of their country and the critical issues faced at micro as well as macro level. Thus, it will bring many changes in the syllabus and introduction of new subjects in the education curricular.

The implements of this policy will have direct impact on the regulation of CBSE and hence the board eventually will adopt the said changes in its upcoming academic year. The drafted policy focus on the evidence based education and analytical thinking. Overall, the policy follows the liberal approach towards education system.

 The chairman of committee Dr. Kasturirangan and the members of the committee submitted the draft to the Minister for Human Resource Development on 31st may 2019. The draft is not an official announcement of NEP; it is out for knowing the feedback of general public so that after analysing the reviews it can be implemented. This policy ensures no discrimination and imposition. So let’s see if public the response is favourable for the education system or not.  

We would love to hear your opinion and views on this in the comments below.

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