What's up with CBSE's Marks Moderation Policy?

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There is good news for all the CBSE students who are eagerly waiting for their results to come out. Every year the Class 12 results of students have got them nail-biting and anxious, but this year the Delhi High Court's new decision for the CBSE board 's marking system has surely put the students to a relief. The High Court has ruled in favor of the new "moderation" system for marking of the CBSE board. The moderation system which was earlier used for marking was very controversial as it was a partial system of marking as the marks were added completely unequally. This moderation was scrapped on the 24th of April. This decision of the court to approve this "no moderation" policy can only come to be in effect in the year 2018.

The issue may lead to CBSE results to be delayed because the board will be consulting with the Union HRD Ministry on this issue. "The board will study the court order in detail and consult the ministry to chalk out the future path. This, however, may not delay the results as moderation is not a very time-consuming task," this is what was told to the newspaper by the Board.

The Delhi High Court has highly felt that the CBSE board has been irresponsible and unfair to have come up with this solution much later as the students of 2017 will be ones who will be suffering the rigidity of the "moderation policy". The court after reading the petition of the CBSE board and 31 other school boards to delete this existing moderation policy which has been inflating students' marks incomprehensibly, has passed it to come into immediate affect but no sooner than 2018. Advocate Ashish Verma and Rakesh Kumar who filed the petition to the court have said that states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have decided to implement this in 2018 itself which means the students of these states will be doing much better than the students of Delhi and other states. This whole thing looks like one wrong is being done to correct another.

To scrap the moderation policy would make it difficult for students to apply abroad. Also, it has been noticed through data analysis that the marks in CBSE board results have been inflated completely unequally and now due to this scrapping off of the existing policy would affect the children drastically.

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CBSE Class 12 Delhi Students High Court Policy
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