9.25 lakh students to appear in CBSE Class X exams

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As many as 9.25 lakh candidates will be appearing in CBSE class X examination beginning March 3 across the country under the new grading system.

More than 6.99 lakh candidates will also take their class XII examination which start on the same day.

According to CBSE, the number of students appearing for the class X examination is 8.65 per cent more than last year. Among the candidates, 5,33,715 are boys and 3,68,802 are girls.

The examination will be held in 12,303 schools and centres across the country, the Board said in a release.

The class XII examination will see a 8.80 per cent increase in number of students sitting for the examination.

The Board has for the first time decided to provide class X question papers of Mathematics and Science for blind candidates.

In Delhi, 2.47 students will sit for the class X examination, and 1.99 lakh will sit for the class XII examination. This is an increase of 6.32 per cent and 9.28 per cent respectively compared to last year.

There would be 13,311 students appearing for the class X examination in 56 foreign centres and 8,596 candidates appearing for the class XII examination in 45 foreign centres.

Courtesy: PTI

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