Media Studies in School Curriculum

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Media Studies

CIET, NCERT has taken many initiatives in popularizing the concept of media literacy. We have developed a detailed report on media literacy initiative across the world, produced a video series titled Media Matters which talks about the importance of media in students’ life and conducted various workshops on audio and video production for schools students. We have also developed textbook on media studies for class XI and initiated work on class XII textbook.

These activities were organized at CIET, NCERT keeping in view the new challenges students are facing in growing up in mediated society. They are surrounded by the media messages all the time. These messages not only entertain them but they learn a lot through this constant flow of messages in their life. Teachers who acknowledge this reality have the opportunity to connect with their students in new and meaningful ways, and to enliven their own understanding of subject areas while they learn new information and skills.

Many schools have taken initiatives to make media as part of school curriculum. If media is to become part of school curriculum enabling transformation both in curriculum and teaching, then teachers needs to be oriented in this new subject. Hence four training programmes of 3-days each will be organized at CIET, NCERT from August – November to impart training to teachers on media studies. After the training programme, teachers will not only be able to teach media as a subject but will also be sensitized in integrating media with other subjects. The workshop will also motivate them to start media clubs in their school. Each programme organized at CIET, NCERT.

We are sure involvement with media will be renewing for many teachers as they will touch on subject that is so much a part of student’s lives. Hope to see at training programme.

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