Indian National Defence University (INDU) in Binola, Gurgaon

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Indian National Defence University

The Union Cabinet today accorded "in-principle" approval for setting up of the Indian National Defence University (INDU).

The university will be set up at Binola in district Gurgaon of Haryana.

INDU will undertake long term defence and strategic studies and create synergy between the academic community and Government functionaries.

It will promote policy oriented research on all aspect relating to national security as an input to strategic national policy making.

It will encourage awareness of national security issues by reaching out to scholars and an audience beyond the official machinery.

The existing four colleges on defence studies will be brought under the ambit of this university but they will continue to maintain their autonomy.

INDU will also educate national security leaders on aspects of national security strategy, national military strategy, national information strategy and national technology strategy through eaching and research. (ANI)

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