Colleges in Sikkim

There are around 29 colleges in the Sikkim state of India. Find below a list of at most 30 colleges in an unordered manner.
College NameAddressState

Chisopani,Po Nandugaon,South SikkimSouth Sikkim Sikkim

Nh 31A,BardangEast Sikkim Sikkim

Majitar, Rangpo, East Sikkim , Pin-737136East Sikkim Sikkim

Majhitar, East Sikkim, Pin-737136East Sikkim Sikkim

NH 31A, Majhitar, RangpoEast District Sikkim

Samdur, Tadong, 6th. Mile, Gangtok-737102, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, GangtokEast District Sikkim

P/O Namchi-737126, South Sikkim, NamchiSouth District Sikkim


P/O RHENOCK, 737133East District Sikkim

College Cottage, Tadong,Gangtok. 737102, GangtokEast District Sikkim

Upper Kamrang, Namchi South Sikkim, 737126, Namchi government College, Sikkim University, Tadong Gangtok, NamchiSouth District Sikkim

Burtuk (Below Helipad), Gangtok, East Sikkim - 737101, same as above, GangtokEast District Sikkim

P/O Soreng , West Sikkim, P/o Soreng,west sikkimWest District Sikkim

NH-31A,Tadong, Gangtok,E/Sikkim-737102, GangtokEast District Sikkim

STNM, GangtokEast District Sikkim

31 A National High way, PO Bardang, East Sikkim, 31 A National High way, PO Bardang, East Sikkim, SINGTAMEast District Sikkim

Chisopani, P.O. Nandugaon, NamchiSouth District Sikkim

Not Specified- Sikkim

Not Specified- Sikkim

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