International Indian School, Jeddah to opt for CCE System by CBSE

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The International Indian School-Jeddah (IISJ) on Wednesday made a formal application to opt for the new "Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)" system implemented by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). With this, the Jeddah school becomes the fourth to opt for the new system of evaluation, which makes the board exam for Class X an option for students.

The three schools that have been brought under the purview of the new system are the international Indian schools in Riyadh, Dammam and Jubail.

"IISJ has today applied for the new system and so this will be the fourth Indian international school in the Kingdom to opt for the evaluation system that was implemented six months ago," CBSE Chairman Vineet Joshi told reporters alongside a workshop he and four other members of his delegation held at the IISJ. The workshop was followed by an interactive session with parents of the schoolchildren.

The CCE is an option for Class X students who until now sat the CBSE exam. "Those assessed under the CCE and others sitting for the board exam will be treated on par and will be entitled for CBSE certificates without any discrimination," Joshi clarified. Students opting for diploma courses or proceeding to India for onward studies will have to sit the Class X board exam, he said.

According to Joshi, there are 25 international Indian schools in the Gulf where the CCE system has been made applicable. Worldwide, 900,000 students each in Class I and Class IX have already come under the new system.

He added that the CCE would be based on the assessment of teachers in terms of projects and unit tests throughout the academic year, and that the post-scholastic assessment would be done by a group of teachers.

CBSE also has plans to train schoolteachers, which is also available online.

There will be no segregation of strong and weak students in classes and staff will endeavor to complete work in class and not burden parents with their children's homework. The ideal student-class ratio recommended by CBSE is 1:40 (one teacher to 40 students).

However, the parents have a great role to play in making the system a success. "I request all parents to give the new system a chance to succeed. This is for the overall development of your child. This will not only promote your child's academic development but also their total personality," he added.

He said CBSE was planning to introduce a new curriculum -- CBSEI -- to bring the curriculum on par with international levels. This will enable students to pursue education at international Indian schools wherever they are based worldwide.

The visiting CBSE delegation included AnshuVaish, education secretary for the government of India, and Sadhana Prashar, educational officer. Accompanying them was Indian Consul General Sayeed Ahmed Baba and members of the IISJ managing committee.


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