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From this year onwards, college admission for SSC students will be based on their marks in their best five subjects.

And they will have to clear only five of the six subjects they appear for to get into college. The state education department has finalised a 'best of five' scheme to counter what it believes is an unfair advantage students of central boards enjoy because of a liberal marking system.

A government resolution (GR) to the effect is likely to come out this week, he added. Father Francis Swamy, a member of the SSC board and principal of Holy Family School in Andheri, explains the new system:

"SSC students have to attempt all six exams, but their marks in the best five subjects will be considered for admission.

They have to compulsorily pass in Marathi and English, but of the remaining four -Hindi, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Science - if they don't clear one, they will still be promoted." This is the state's third attempt to deal with the alleged disparity.

In the past two years, it tried introducing two systems - a percentile system and a 90:10 system, which reserves 90 per cent of the seats for SSC students - but both were challenged in court. The ICSE already has a similar system in place.

While its students appear for all seven subjects, their marks in the best five are considered. The CBSE Class 10 students have only five subjects in all.

Source: Hindustan Times

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