CBSE reduced number of chances for Improvement & Compartment Exams

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The below stated rules shall be applicable for candidates appearing for the first time in 2013 examination. However, candidates who have appeared for the 2012 examination or before and placed in the category Compartment/Improvement of Performance shall appear for the Compartment/Improvement of Performance examination as per the existing rule i.e. upto 5 chances.

Number of chances for compartment examination has been reduced from five to three.

As per the latest amendments for compartment exam,

A candidate placed in compartment at the Senior School Certificate Examination may reappear at the compartmental examination to be held in July the same year, may avail himself/herself of Second Chance in March/April and Third Chance in July of next year. The candidate will be declared ‘PASS’ provided he/she qualifies the compartmental subjects in which he/she had failed. Syllabi and courses shall be the same as applicable for the candidates of full subjects appearing at the examination in the year concerned.

Number of chances for improvement examination in Class X has been reduced from five to one.

As per the latest amendments for improvement exam in class X,

A candidate who has appeared for the Secondary School Examination and obtained Grades E1 or E2 in any or all the five subjects(excluding the 6th additional subject) under Scholastic Area A, as per the Scheme of Studies, shall be eligible for improving his/her performance in any or all the five subjects and may reappear at the Improvement of Performance examination to be conducted by the Board for all such candidates to be held only in July the same year. The candidate will be issued Statement of Subject wise Performance/Certificate of School Based Assessment/Grade Sheet cum Certificate of Performance provided she/he obtains minimum Grade D in at least five subjects (excluding the 6th additional subject) as per the Scheme of Studies and grades in the subjects under Scholastic Area B and Co- scholastic Areas.

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CBSE Compartment Improvement Examination Rules
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