DCE Technological University (DCE TU) from DTU

DCE Technological University (DCE TU)

Bowing down to sustained protests from students, the Delhi government is likely to change the name of Delhi Technological University (DTU) to DCE Technological University (DCE TU).

‘‘The government is in the process of finalising the renaming of the university. The new name would be DCE TU,’’ a senior official from the directorate of higher education told Times City. Over 3,000 students, who had been protesting against the change in status of DCE to DTU since March 4, suspended their agitation on April 7 after assurances from the government. They were demanding reconsideration of the conversion of DCE to DTU and resignation of vice-chancellor P B Sharma.

Welcoming the move, final-year student and one of the leaders of the agitation, Nitin Baraiya, said: ‘‘We would welcome the renaming of DTU to DCE TU. And we would also keep requesting the government to restore the institute’s central character. This would not only ensure brand value but also prevent identity crisis scenario for the alumni. The placements too won’t be adversely affected.’’ But the students have come to terms with the fact that regaining the central character would be a tough task and seem to be satisfied with the government accepting rest of their demands.

On Thursday, the students are going to present a document on why their VC Sharma should be removed, one of their demands. ‘‘We have been asked by the government and we have prepared a document citing the grounds for his removal,” said Baraiya.


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June 17th, 2019 - Monday

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