All India Bar Examination

Purpose of AIBE:

  • To assess an advocate’s ability to practice the profession of law
  • To assess capabilities at a basic level
  • To set a minimum standard for admission to the practice of law
  • To assess an advocate’s analytical abilities and basic knowledge of law

The All India Bar Examination will test skills and basic knowledge critical for a new entrant to the practice of the profession of law. It is intended to check for eligibility, rather than expertise. Any law student graduating in Academic Year 2009-10 onwards would have to appear for the All India Bar Examination (after enrollment as an advocate) in order to practice law in India.


  • Will be conducted in nine languages, and at various examination centres across India.
  • Application Fee of Rs.1,300/- (includes price of receiving preparatory materials)
  • ‘Open-book’ format: advocates may bring preparatory materials, books, handwritten notes into the examination hall
  • A hundred multiple-choice questions, to be marked on OMR answer sheets; Focus is on reasoning ability, rather than ability to memorise large texts
  • No percentage or ranks - advocates will merely pass or fail the All India Bar Examination

The Examination adopts a format that is aimed at ensuring that a basic amount of preparation would be sufficient to clear it.

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