Top Streams to Choose after Class 10th

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Top Streams to Choose after Class 10th

The cat is out of the bag and now the big question is about how and where to chase it!

Well, ain’t exactly talking about wildlife but the wildness and the huge uproar that’s been unleashed after the 10th board results. The extremely arduous and adventurous journey of the students has sown beautiful fruits and the parents are equally ecstatic. But the journey has just begun and the very first stepping stone is to choose the correct stream in 11th.

This article will precisely talk about how to deal with this one of the most important choices in academics. CBSE offers 3 streams in our education system which further determines the combination of subjects one will study. They are


Let’s look at each one of them in detail.


 Popularly called the ‘big daddy’, ‘boss’ or the ‘best’ of all the 3 streams. There is a further sub-division in this based on the third subject which is:

Medical subjects: Physics, chemistry, biology, English (as optional)

Non-medical subjects: Physics, chemistry, mathematics, English (optional subject)

The basic difference is of Biology as the third subject. For the 5th subject, CBSE spoils us for choices as a science student can opt for psychology, biotechnology, home science, physical education, economics, fine arts (for students opting for PCB), computer science, engineering drawing (for students opting for PCM)

As opposed to the fallacy that science throttles the opportunities of an individual, it opens up unique and wide avenues for a student who garners an undying love for science, logical thinking, application based ideas and practical approach to problems. Of course, biology (PCB) takes you down the much coveted path of medicine and M.B.B.S while mathematics (PCM) to the road of engineering (as is widely believed). But the choices don’t just stop here. With the perfect amalgamation of 5th subject and one’s interest, there are endless options to escape the same old conventional, stereotypical and monotonous 2 options, like botany, zoology, nuclear physicist, biotechnology, food and agriculture, environmental science, marine biology, pharmacology (for PCB combo), architecture, statistics, aviation, ethical hacking (the new cool), forensic science, merchant navy, IT, defense, animation (for PCM combo) and the list can go on depending on one’s skills, interests, propensity and passion towards science.

The only consequence of taking science as a subject is when one is devoid of the intense passion this field requires. Only your own lack of love for science can ruin your chances in this field, otherwise we can have our own storehouse of Newtons and Einsteins!!


This stream is the newest buzz for students who have a knack for numbers, handling bulk of data and statistics. Students, you don’t have to pay any heed to the traditional belief that commerce means only C.A.  C.S. or it’s a mediocre stream for average students. Nothing of this is even slightly close to reality folks as the stockbrokers, financial experts, actuarial sciences, insurance, investment banking; all of these (not necessarily but primarily) are commerce folks.

Accounts, business studies, economics (along with math as optional)- the subjects under this stream equip a student for all the nuances of the market, economy, business, demand supply chain and stats of the industries.

This stream currently is one of the most in demand because commerce opens up avenues in the banking and financial sector which is one of the most lucrative. A love for numbers, stats, data, balance sheets, risk factor in the market, correct financial analytics can land you in the correct job or even your own business with or without M.B.A.!!

So kids, dump off the age old beliefs of commerce being a subject of the ‘average student’ and increase your potential exponentially with numbers and data.  


‘Anything below 60%? Straight go for Arts.’ ‘There are no career choices after 12th in arts’. Sounds common? Certainly, arts as a stream was considered for the weak students till 10 years back. But now that we stand to enter the third decade of the 21st century, I see students scoring even 99.9% proudly announcing to opt for humanities!!

The enormous choices of subjects that this stream offers can make anybody change their mind in favor of arts. Subjects like history, political science, geography, home science, sociology, psychology along with optional subjects like mathematics (recently becoming very popular with the students), legal studies, fine arts, media studies offers an even wider playing field than science or commerce.

Opting arts can open up your gates to new and lucrative fields like, hotel and event management, journalism, management, law, photography, archeology, mass communication, fashion industry, content writing- and these are just to name a few!!

So its not just civil services or home science (aka kitchen science), humanities offers a vast gamut of subjects and career choices to students who wish to challenge themselves and want to do something different from the league. Museology, gender studies, gerontology, cartography are the newest trends in this stream.

Humanities will cover your interests in past, social structures and ideas and everyday science.


So we see that every stream has a whole wide world to offer but the only consequence in all these streams lies in the fact that you opt it without interest or sufficient knowledge and scope of it. In order to harness your complete potential, do give a serious thought that what and which subject you love the most. And that you don’t just enjoy academically but you see yourself flourish in it. Clearly if you don’t like math, don’t opt for it just because your childhood buddy did so. Biology or psychology can be a huge pain if you hate studying human and brain structures.

So before making this decision, please consult yourself about your predilection.

Happy choosing!!

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