CBSE vs State Boards - Comparison & Differences

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CBSE vs State Boards - Comparison & Differences

Perhaps the most common dilemma that every parent faces is to choose the right school for their kid. Education is the most important part of our lives and the board that we choose should reflect what the need of the child. When we compare boards we have to take care of a lot of things because every board has its unique features. Central board, as the name suggests, is the national board whereas the State Board is restricted to states. Even the syllabus of states differ and that is completely the decision of the State based authority to determine the syllabus.

All you need to know about CBSE and State Boards

The Central Board for Secondary education is the national board of our country and has a huge network of schools associated with it. CBSE addresses the issue of practise based learning and stresses on updating its syllabus to keep in sync with changing needs. From 2017 the board also decided to implement a uniform system of assessment so that the evaluation process is standardised. The pattern of CBSE enables the students to take on tougher patterns of examinations. CBSE also has come up with a tool called Saransh that has helped teachers and parents to track the progress of the students and provide attention when needed. 

Every state across the country has its board coming under the common net of State boards. The state boards have a large network of schools and it caters to students of all skills at the base minimum level. The State boards follow Rote based curriculum and usually has state language as a part of its curriculum. Aspirants of civil exams prefer to study in such schools. Those parents who wish to pay a low fee and also want their kids inclined towards extra activities should go for it.

An effective comparison

1) Syllabus – The syllabus of CBSE is considered far easier compared to State board. State board syllabus is considered to be high on content because it has innumerable facts and details difficult to digest. CBSE books emphasise on understanding the concept in a better manner so that the students understand what is been taught. The pattern of the syllabus of CBSE is more sustainable, practice-oriented and favourable for future studies.

2) Learning – While on one hand, CBSE promotes conceptual understanding, State board with hordes of information emphasise on memorising concepts. In CBSE based examination system, a student will not be able to answer the question if he has not understood the concept. State board lays stress on mugging up the concept and producing it as it is to score well. Whether the student has understood the concept or not is subjective. The system is manifested with such a thought process.

3) Higher education – To plan a good course for the future CBSE is a better option at it. Most CBSE exams are far difficult to study compared to State exams. The entrance examination for Engineering and Medical are completely based on CBSE syllabus and if you want your child to pursue studies in National based institutions like IIT and AIIMS then CBSE is surely the preferred medium to choose. The moulding of the child in CBSE schools is done so in a manner to prepare them for higher education and entrance exams of extreme difficulty level. State boards might not be the right medium to choose these tough exams chiefly because the students try to mug up rather than understanding the crux of the concept. This will make the exams difficult for the students. 

4) Marking system – If you want your child to secure higher marks then State Board is a better option. CBSE exams are tougher hence the chance to score depreciates. The evaluation of CBSE board exams also are strict and done so in a controlled way. In-State Board examinations, the respective state authorities control the evaluation which lets the student score better.

So, whichever board you opt for, one thing you need to ensure is your child’s need and the ability to take up the course. 

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