Tips to Score 95% or above in Class 12th Exams

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Tips to Score 95% or above in Class 12th Exams

Whether you are a student of class 12th or their parent, the very thought of board exams can take away your sleep. It is the most crucial stage of any student’s life, with their entire career depending upon this one examination. Every student has a dream to score the highest marks, but where a majority of students lack is not in inspiration but in direction. So, if you are one of the students who aspire to score more than 95% in your CBSE board exams, here are a few ways to help you achieve that:

Compete with yourself:

It is a simple practice of life, to be the better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. Well, you can put this philosophy to use, even when it comes to studying. Make it your goal to beat the past you, and for that you will have to improve each day. Keep your target clear in your mind, or better yet, write your target percentage on a paper and stick it where you can see it each day. Just being reminded of your target each day will give you the motivation and take you to excellent marks, as it did for me. Strategize your study plan in a way that you can beat your past performance and slowly reach to your goal.   

Make textbooks your bible:

The most common mistake that students of class 12th do is not focus on the textbooks. CBSE has its books, NCERT books as we know it, which are in accordance with the syllabus. The paper is going to be based on these textbooks, but yet students go running after the reference books to prepare for their board exams. The reference books can be a good source to prepare for competitive, but to ace the board exams, study the textbooks like they are your bible. Once you are done with your syllabus twice, only then shift your focus to reference books and prepare question from there.   


Solve sample papers religiously:

Previous year question papers are the best way to get familiarized with the pattern of the paper. You might have read the pattern countless times, but solving the question paper is quite different from reading it. To avoid the element of surprise while giving boards, it is better to go prepared. So, once you are finished with the syllabus, dig out the 10-year question papers of each subject. Take each paper as it is the final exam and solve within the time frame. It will get you acquainted with solving the paper within three hours. It is quite easier to score 90% marks, but what can take you beyond it is practice and time management skills, which you can achieve by solving previous year question papers. 

Keep a check on your handwriting: 

Scoring 95+ marks is not an easy task. We agree with the fact that it is your answers that will fetch you marks, so you have to prepare well. But it is irrefutable that presentation also matters. Shabby handwriting, along with a filthy presentation, can certainly affect the examiner’s perception and bring down marks by a notch. If you are the kind of student that is really motivated to score high marks, then even a single mark holds value you. And wouldn’t it be silly to lose marks over something so little? So, brush up your handwriting skills before your board exams approach and be ready for outstanding results. 

Don’t neglect English:

A majority of class 12th students end up making the common mistake of ignoring a subject like English. Both at school and tuitions, the entire attention of the students is focused on the main subject like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Economics, Business Studies, and Accountancy. For two years they study these subjects rigorously, forgetting the fact that the marks of subjects like English and Physical Education are also a part of the total aggregate. English is an easy subject, which can fetch you outstanding marks and give a sure shot boost to your percentage. Even if you devote a few hours each week to this subject, you can easily score 95+ in this exam, and take your overall percentage to a great height. 

Stop studying 12 hours before the exam:

You get an entire year to prepare for these exams, and if you aren’t prepared then, you won’t ever be. The last few hours before any important exam are very crucial. Fix your timetable in such a way that you finish revision during the day before you have your exam. Keep your books aside, pack for the exam and relax. With a calm brain and a night of good sleep, you will be able to attempt the paper in a better way. 

Preparing for board exams can be a daunting task, let alone giving them. With the right mindset, strategizing and determination, the target of 95% is not too far fetched. Follow these tips and get closer to your dreams.  

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