CBSE vs ICSE - Differences & Comparison

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CBSE vs ICSE - Differences & Comparison

Every parent has to make that tough choice of choosing between which board will be the best fit for their children. The choice that every parent makes has to be considered individually as every child is different and have different ways and pace of learning. Each board under consideration here is different from the other under which the child will get a different kind of exposure but the choice has to be prudent because based on their choice, the early development of the child will be determined. Hence the right choice is extremely essential and through this article, we give you a clear picture of the features of every board and their downsides.  

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

This is the national board of our country and due to this fact, the biggest advantage of the board is that it is conducive to the pattern in our country. The syllabus of CBSE is in sync with the biggest competitive examinations like IIT, AIEEE & AIMPMT. If the student wishes to pursue their higher education at a national level institution then there cannot be a better choice than CBSE. In 2010 the 9 point grading system was introduced by CBSE which was well-accepted considering the obsession parents have with marks. For classes from 9th to 12’Th CBSE also CBSE has introduced the open book grading system which was received with general appreciation from the academic world. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of CBSE

The syllabus of CBSE is more skill-based which stresses skill development and not content. CBSE is credited with conducting national level exams like IIT and Medical entrance exam which are based on NCERT books. If one looks further ahead, NCERT books also help you clear tougher exams like IAS and IFS.  CBSE also is the common board so even if you move from one state to the other, because it has a huge number of schools under its net.  

The CBSE curriculum is vast and diverse but the schools find it very difficult to keep up and adhere to the broad scope of the syllabus. New subjects like library science and even learning of new languages like Mandarin is offered yet the schools stick to the basics because then training the teachers can be a costly affair. Another major issue that one encounters under this curriculum is that the data in the textbooks are outdated and inaccurate. The courses so offered in ICSE are far more advanced and more detailed as compared to that of CBSE. The syllabus of CBSE is considered a lot easier compared to that of ICSE, so for a student to solve and analyse difficult questions might get difficult. 

Indian Certificate of Secondary education

Under ICSE the syllabus is more application based which results in the students understanding the concepts in a much better manner as compared to CBSE. ICSE majorly focuses on providing quality education to students through a practical approach and gives a wide choice to students because of the emphasis it gives on science, arts and languages. Since ICSE is comprehensive, it is considered more difficult than that of CBSE and State boards and also ICSE follows a higher level of English language. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of ICSE

The syllabus of ICSE is more comprehensive and detailed and provides a holistic approach encompassing every field necessary. For students who have specific interest in humanities and management ICSE curriculum is more necessary and in a way more challenging compared to other boards. The Indian Certificate of secondary education is recognised around the world and has more acceptability in foreign universities as compared to any other board. Students preparing for foreign competitive exams have a great advantage because the higher emphasis on the English language makes it possible for them to do better in IELTS and TOEFL.

Students might find the syllabus very comprehensive and extensive and for an average student, this might be a herculean task. The lack of leniency in evaluating the papers can also be one of the disadvantages in the system. Overemphasis on getting deep root in the subjects can also be a disadvantage. 

With these details in mind, choosing the right board should become easier but parents must see the innate abilities and interest of the child before choosing THE ONE. 

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