Information Practices (IP) Project on Travel Agency for Class 12th

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Travel Agency

Acknowledgment I would first of all thank my parents for providing me a wonderful school with many talented teachers. & It would my utmost pleasure to thank my subject teacher Mrs. Archana Destmukh who provided me the helping hand thought the project on travel agency software named "ARYAN TOURS & TRAVELS"

1. INTRODUCTION- 2. E.R, MODEL Case study+ Different ErR. models. 3. CODING. MDI Form LOGIN Form SIGN UP Form MODES OF TRANSPORTS 4. FORMS ....Login ....Sign up ....Modes Of Transport Roadways Airways Railways Mode of payment 5. BIBLOGRAFHT ?7M ATM

INTRODUCTION The solo purpose of the software is to meet the intended users' need. As it reflect from the statement fJ SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT IS THE TRANSLATION OF A USER. NEED". If all the requirements of user are served by computerized solution, the user is satisfied enough Thus the software should be designed effectively so as to meet its objective of user satisfaction Lawrence Peter has stated "SOFTWARE DESIGN LS A SYSTEM NOT A SECRET'. The designing equally applies to database design and development. The most important things to keep in mind throughout the design process, is integrity of the data, so that in future the data should be retrieved. To avoid these bugs, a systematic approach is followed. This involves lots of steps and phases. This systematic approach of developing database is called DATABASE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE or DDLC. This is similar to SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE or SDLC. This consists of foUowing activities: 1 .Preliminary' study.-"survey 2. Feasibility study J. Design 4. Investigation & fact recording. CHANDAN i\II3HRA XII jCIIiNCIi

5. Analysis 6. Maintenance & review. Preliminary study/survey During this phase the problem in current is identified and the information is gathered from many sources. Feasibility studyr During this phase the study is carried out to detennine whether the computerization would be worth the effort or not. Design During this phase the system is designed according to the users' need. Investigation & fact recording. During this phase interviewing, questionnaire, on-site observation, sampling, reviewing of procedures and forms is carried out. Analysis During this phase the inputs are used, outputs are produced: interfaces are provided and performance requirement and organizational and other constraints are meted. FRONT END Here the visual basic acts as front end. Visual basic is one very powerful programming language that helps one develop sophisticated, graphical applications that can run on Microsoft Windows environment. Visual basic is actuaDv BASSIC language, which is visual in ' CrIANDAN MI3HRA XII SCIENCE its nature. In general, Visual is a method used to create GUI applications i.e. visual programming style involves a lot of illustration (graphic entities), rather than writing numerous lines of code to describe the appearance, functioning etc., of the application's interface. Visual Basic supports event driven programming in three way-in modular programming styles, in object-oriented programming style and in event-driven progranming style. BACKEND Here the oracle (database) acts as the backend. Here the database system is generally a record keeping system. The collection of data usually referred to as the database. It contains information about one particular enterprise. In a typical file-processing system, permanent records are stored in various files.

Many of the travelagencies faces problem with booking tickets online.The data is not stored in proper backend and as a result the company has to face problems. Keeping the all things in mind I the students of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul named Chandan Mishra have designed the application software named ARYAN TOURS & TRAVELS. Aryan tours & travel is travel agency software providing the simple and easy way to bookthe journey tickets.


l.Online booking is not very promoting 2.Slow processing 3.Errors generally ocurrs,thns the loss of data. 4.recors are recorded for short period. S.Delay in money transactions.


l.Reduc of errors caused by manual processing of booking. 2.expidate bookingfulfillment due to more rapid booking processing. 3.Reduces the error while booking thejourney tickets. 4.speeds ups the money transactions. S.Records will be stored for long time.

LIBRARY BOOKS :-1. VB ++ TEACHER:-Mrs. Arch an a Deshmukh FROM NET:-IMAGES from http :www. Google. com / images APPLICATIONS USED:-Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Oracle 8

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