New Syllabus for Primary Classes by November

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New Syllabus for Primary Classes

The process of framing new syllabus for primary classes and eighth standard is expected to be completed by November for schools that follow the State syllabus, and children in fifth standard can particularly expect some significant changes in their social studies textbook.

“A total of 130 titles in nine languages for classes 1 to 5 and 8 are expected to be ready by November.

It is up to the Government to decide when the syllabus will be introduced in schools,” G.S. Mudambadittaya, who heads the committee of experts to revise syllabus by the State Government, told The Hindu.

He said changes are being contemplated particularly in class 5 textbooks for social studies. “Textbooks for different educational divisions of Karnataka – Bangalore, Mysore, Gulbarga and Belgaum – will have variations between them. The idea is to introduce to children their specific local history, geography and culture as part of their curriculum.” In contrast, subjects such as science and mathematics will remain uniform.

Prof. Mudambadittaya said education being a subject on the concurrent list, the State will have a say in framing the syllabus, though the process will work broadly within the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005. “About 25 per cent of the content can be decided by the State.” The Primary and Secondary Education Department is preparing textbooks under outline of NCF, which has been framed by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The department has chosen a textbook writing committee and subject experts to write textbooks, and meetings and consultations are under way.

All States have a mandate to frame syllabus under NCF 2005 by 2015 for classes one to 10. Karnataka has taken revision of syllabus of primary classes and standard 8 in the first phase.

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