CBSE Private Candidate Private Exam

CBSE Private Exam

A 'Private Candidate' means a person who is not a Regular Candidate but, under the provisions of these byelaws, is allowed to undertake and/or appear in the All India/Delhi Senior School Certificate Examination or All India/Delhi Secondary School Examination of the Board.

Practical Work

Private candidates shall not be allowed to offer such subjects for the examinations which involve practical work except in case of candidates who had failed earlier and who had put in a regular course of study at an institution affiliated to the Board in the previous academic year. However, notwithstanding this condition, female candidates, may offer Home Science with practical.


Persons eligible to appear as 'Private Candidates' at All India Senior School Examination

  • A candidate who had failed at the All India Senior School Certificate Examination of the Board will be eligible to reappear at a subsequent examination as a private candidate in the syllabus and text books as prescribed for the examination of the year in which he will reappear.
  • Teachers serving in educational institutions affiliated to the Board.
  • Regular candidates (s) of the previous year who have completed regular course of studies and have been alloted Roll No. for appearing at the examination but could not appear at the Annual Examination due to medical reasons except shortage of attendance as laid down in the Examination Bye laws will also be eligible to reappear at a subsequent examination as a private candidate.

Application Procedures

Procedures for submission of Applications of Private Candidates at All India/Delhi Senior School Examination

  1. A private candidate must submit to the Regional Officer of the Board within the prescribed limit an application in the form prescribed together with the prescribed fee for the examination and three copies of passport size photographs duly signed by the candidate and counter signed in the case of teacher by the authorities and in case of others a member of the Governing Body of the Board or Head of a School affiliated to the Board.
  2. If the application of a private candidate is received after the prescribed date, he shall pay late fee as prescribed.
  3. When a private candidate's application for admission to the examination is rejected, the examination fee including late fee if any, paid by him less Rs. 10/- or the amount as decided by the Chairman from time to time, will be refunded to him, provided that in the case of candidates whose applications have been rejected on account of the candidate's producing a false certificate or making a false statement in the application, the full amount of fee shall be forfeited.
  4. Private candidates shall not be allowed to offer for their examination, a subject (even if the subject is recognised for the examination) which is not being taught in an affiliated school.
  5. Those regular candidates who have failed to obtain promotion to class XII of the school affiliated to the Board or any other recognised Board shall not be admitted to the Senior School Certificate Examination of the Board as private candidates.
  6. Every year, in the beginning of the session, the Heads of School shall send to the Regional Officer concerned, a list of female and handicapped students who have been detained in Class XI containing student's name, date of birth, the name of his father or guardian and the place of residence.

Admission Form

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Avatar if a candidate passed in 12th examination but want to reappear for the 12th examination for better marks what will be the procedure?
Avatar respected sir, im from tmilnadu , may i write 12std private exams i fail\ed in 11 std biology stream twice...

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