Career in Pharmacy in India


A fast growing sector, pharma is second only to IT, with a 15% annual growth rate and exports crossing Rs 12,000 crore. Jobs in the pharmaceutical industry range from those in sales and marketing to high-end specialist R&D jobs. Depending on the extent of study and the area you specialise in (pharmacology, pharmaceutics, hospital pharmacy or quality assurance) study, you can opt for research.

Research openings are growing in India. But those with doctoral and post-doctoral qualifications find challenging avenues in R & D labs abroad.

Apart from the drug manufacturing industry, pharmacists are also employed in the chemical industry and food and drug control organisations.

A large number of those who do pharmacy go on to become medical sales representatives. Of course if you are enterprising, you can open your own chemist shop or even go into manufacture of drugs or cosmetics. The cosmetic industry is growing at a much faster rate as compared to the pharma sector. A diploma-holder is qualified to obtain a licence for manufacturing cosmetics and for repackaging of drugs (other than those specified in schedules C & C1).

Openings are in drug manufacturing industries, food and drug control organisations, among others.

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