Guide on Choosing the Best School in India

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Guide on Choosing the Best School in India
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School life, without any doubt is a period that contributes immensely to a child’s growth. It is true that the quality of the schools plays a huge role in molding a child into a better person. A school is a child’s second home. Hence, choosing a school is a task that should be done after taking time to analyze and verify that the standards of school helps a child to grow his/her skill set and improves his/her existing talents. In addition to that the school should provide the child an understanding of the world, prepare him/her to step out of their comfort zone and be a hope for the future itself.

All parents try to give their children the best education possible by enrolling them into schools which are popular. But the question here is, are those famous schools really capable of showing a child the path to who he/she wants to become and providing him/her with the environment to become the best version of their self? This cannot be answered by the amount of fame the school basks in but rather there are certain guidelines one must look at before choosing a school. This article will help you to see the process of choosing a school in a different light which might help you/your child walk through the gates of success.

Parameters to select a good school in India:

The school population

The first point you should look at is the population of school itself. Note that a good school encourages children from all social and economic backgrounds, allowing a child to experience a smaller version of the world itself at school. This also benefits the world in future, as children will learn to accommodate differences and look at all human beings as equals which wipes out problems like discrimination, racism, etc. to an extent. In fact, they will understand the value of humanity over differences and this is exactly what a school should be promoting.

The environment factor

The environment and the location of school is another important criteria. Ideally, a school shouldn’t be located in an atmosphere which is noisy and unclean. A green and hygiene environment would suit a school the best. If the school is situated in such an area, the students will naturally learn to co-exist with nature which is extremely important, given the current scenario. A school should also have enough outdoor space to promote outdoor activities. It is always better if a plastic-free, eco-friendly status is promoted in the school.

Academic and extra-curricular scope

Since a child’s firsts in the field of academics and extra-curricular activities will depend on the support the school provides, one should check the curriculum a school follows. Ensure that the school does not promote all work and no play and the balance between games and studies is maintained as this will boost a child’s overall growth as a person and will bring out their true and unique selves.

The Teacher-to-Student ratio

Make sure that you check the teacher-to-student ratio of the school before enrolling yourself/your child there. There is a tendency for some schools to increase the strength of each class rather than increasing the number of classes and teachers. If the strength of a class is high, a teacher will fail in giving each child individual attention which is absolutely necessary when a child is growing. He/she might not be able express some difficulties and the teacher should be able to understand this and help them gain clarity, which is possible only if a good connection is maintained between the teacher and the students.

The discipline element

Discipline is very important in one’s life and it should be cultivated from the very beginning. A school should succeed in instilling discipline by using civil methods and proper teaching. If a school passes this criteria, at least it can be ensured that there will be some kind of stability in the students’ lives which is crucial since most people as they grow into adults get disturbed because of the chaos their minds go through.


It is mandatory that the quality of teaching should be checked as it is a fact that teachers can have huge influence on children. A good teacher can be a guide to a child during his/her growing years and help him/her differentiate the good from the bad which betters their lives. When many students grow up to become good people, the world will be a beautiful place to live in.

Taking to the existing students and their parents is a great way to find out if a school passes all the criteria which are listed above. Also, it is wise to take a look at the infrastructure and facilities available at the school before you actually make a decision. All schools follow certain core values, these help in understanding what the school believes in. Ensure that they will bring out the best version of a student. Eventually, how a child makes use of the services given by the school also makes an impact in his/her life.

Choosing a school, thus should not depend on the ads the marketing teams of schools churn out every year. This decision is something that will leave a mark that cannot be erased in you/your child. So, even if a school is not perfect, satisfying the criteria given above to an extent is enough to provide one with a fruitful school life. These golden years are the ones which will be cherished throughout an individual’s life, so isn’t it compulsory to spend some time before choosing a second home? The decision is yours to make.

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