Class 9 Syllabus

Class 9 Syllabus

The current syllabus for class IX mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, languages and social science aims at inculcating within the students the necessary skills for doing easy and complex calculations and be capable of using them into their daily lives. CBSE mentions how the current design of the syllabus would help a student develop such skills, aptitude and approach that would promote scientific inquiry and rational decision making. Besides the annual syllabus, a breakup of marks for assessment purposes too has been provided. Out of the hundred marks annual examination, twenty marks is reserved for internal assessment (and eighty marks from the annual exam). CBSE has created a detailed list of topics and lessons that to be learnt and worked on by the students. Unit wise weightage and the structure of question paper, for the annual exam, too has been provided in the syllabus. Students, in order to be able to communicate effectively, need to learn the necessary communication skills. For such skills to develop, language proficiency becomes all the more important thus. With this aim in purview, CBSE has included, in the syllabus, Hindi, English and one more language (out of the thirty six languages mentioned in the curriculum) to enable the learners to read, speak and learn effectively.

Compulsory Subjects

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science

Academic Subjects

Language Subjects

Co-scholastic Subjects

Skill Subjects

Subject Type

Subject Names

Compulsory Subject 1

Language 1 (Hindi Course A or Hindi Course B or English Language & Literature)

Compulsory Subject 2

Language II (Any one from the Language Subjects other than Language chosen at Subject 1)

Compulsory Subject 3

Mathematics (Standard or Basic Mathematics)

Compulsory Subject 4


Compulsory Subject 5

Social Science

Optional Subject 6

Skill subject from the list of Skill Subjects

Optional Subject 7

Language III or Any Academic subject other than those opted already

Subject 8 and 9

School Level - Assessment and Certification

Art Education

Health & Physical Education

Work Experience (Included in Health and Physical Education)

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