Class 11 Syllabus

Class 11 Syllabus

The goal of an all-inclusive education is to provide equal opportunities to all the students for the development of intellectual capacity, physical development and social skills. With these aims in purview, CBSE has proposed a diversified and robust syllabus for all the grade eleven subjects.
Economics, history, business studies, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, political science, sociology, accountancy, biotechnology, psychology, geography, computer science are the subjects, which are to be chosen according to the stream, enlisted by the CBSE for class IX.

Each subject is divided into various units that is further divided into subunits and unit wise weightage is assigned to each grade.
The assessment pattern for science subjects has thirty marks reserved for practical exams while the rest is fixed for final exams. A similar assessment structure has been assigned to subject business studies and computer science. For subjects such as economics, geography, psychology, mathematics, political science, etc., the assessment pattern has reserved twenty marks for project work and eight marks for the final exams.

Language Subjects

Academic Electives

Co-Scholastic Subjects

Subject Types

Subject Names

Subject 1 (Compulsory)

Hindi Elective or Hindi Core or English Elective or English Core

Subject 2 (Compulsory)

Any one Language from Language Subjects not opted above


Any one Subject from Academic Electives

Subject 3, Subject 4, and Subject 5 (Compulsory)

Any three Subjects from Academic Electives


Any three Subjects from Skill Group


Any three from Combination of Academic Electives and Skill Group

Subject 6 (Additional - Optional)

Any one subject from any subject group not opted above

Subject 7, Subject 8 or Subject 9

Subjects of Internal Assessment to be taken by all Regular Candidates

Work Experience (Included in Health and Physical Education)

Health and Physical Education

General Studies

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