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Water Conservation Methods

water conservation

save water

Life Started From Water
Nature Flourishes With Water
Seasons Caused By Water
Development Progresses With Water
Energy Formed Of Water
Health Depends On Water
Religion Imbibes Water
History Made Of Water
Trade Rides On Water
Bio-Diversity Needs Water
Water Sustains Life
It Brings Prosperity and Happiness

Tips for Conserving Water Indoors

  1. Verify your home is leak free.Repair dripping taps by replacing washers.
  2. Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Use water efficient flushes, plumbing fixtures having sensors, low flow faucet aerators which require minimum water.
  3. Turn off water while brushing teeth.
  4. For shaving, use mug rather than using running water.
  5. Close faucets while soaping and rinsing clothes.
  6. Keep overflow valve in the over head tanks so as not to waste water.
  7. Use waste water of cloth cleaning to clean the floor.
  8. Use waste water in flush.
  9. Don’t use running water for releasing ice from tray.
  10. Don’t use extra detergent in washing clothes.
  11. Don’t use running water while hand-washing clothes.
  12. Operate automatic washing machine when it is fully loaded.
  13. Don’t use shower/big bath tubs in bathrooms.
  14. While going outdoor, turn off the main valve for water.
  15. Develop habit of monitoring water meters.

Tips for Conserving Water Outdoors.

  1. Minimize grass lawns in your yard because less grass means water demand.
  2. Don’t over-water your lawns. A good rain eliminates the need watering for more than a week.
  3. Water the lawns during early morning hours when temperature and wind speeds are the lowest. This reduces losses from evaporation.
  4. Try to use waste of dish washing/cloth cleaning for gardening and cleaning the floor.
  5. Check leaks in hose, pipes etc.
  6. Use sprinkler/drip irrigation systems.
  7. Don’t allow water to flow Into gutter.
  8. Don’t wash floors with a hose. Use a broom.
  9. Avoid over fertilizing your lawn. The application of excess fertilizer increases the need of water.

A Video on Water Conservation