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Stress Management

Stress Management for Engineering Aspirants

During exam lime students get stressful, anxious and worried as the time length is gradually converging towards the board exams followed by the engineering entrance exams soon after.

The purpose of the board exams is to check the subject knowledge and conceptual strength of the student at the wider level.

In the home exam the makers of the paper are the teachers who teach you in the class so the papers reflect the same philosophy and the content as done in the class. While the board exams’ paper include the philoso­phy and content of various experienced teachers which may appear to be different then what you have done in your class. To score very high in such an exam the general­isation of your knowledge and concepts is an essential. All the engineering entrance exams are held a short while after the XII Board exams are over. So. the limited time length available is an obvious and biggest of all constraints.

Now let’s have a look at what is different about IIT-JEE, AIEEE, IP, BITSAT exam:

First of all, these exams are objective in nature which aims at:

  • Testing the subject knowledge and conceptual strength of the student taking the exam
  • Testing the speed as the student is required to read, understand and solve and mark the answer in approximately 1-2 min per question (on an average)
  • Testing the accuracy level of the student.

Keep in mind its accuracy + speed = effi­ciency

The questions are of varying levels of diffi­culty and time consumption, thereby adding to the high grade competitiveness required for the student to get selected.

The exams also follow negative marking scheme for the incorrect answers to promote the learning capabilities and discourage the habit of guess work which is inherent in a large number of students.

A highly planned, dear, rigorous approach with proper and fast understanding of con­cepts with applications, firm grasp of knowl­edge-base and learning the proper problem solving skills with effective time management are required for cracking exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, IP, BITSAT etc.

Written by J.B. Gupta. HOD, Physics. M.D.. Disha Classes