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Study in Germany for Indian Students

Study in Germany

German universities are among the world’s oldest and best universities for technical education. Unlike most other developed coun­tries, education in Germany is funded by the government and the fee structure is the same for the German as well as the international students. Indian students are usually averse to European universities because the medium of teaching is a non-English language in most of them. What do you have to say about this? Knowledge of the English language is a huge advan­tage while learning the German language. However, students from China, Korea. Japan and Arab countries, whose schooling has been in their local language and not English, are able to suc­cessfully pursue pro­grammes taught in the German language. All Indian students have a great edge in that they already know a significant amount of English. This is a big support while learning German. Hence, most Indian students with their English language skills learnt at the school level, are easily able to pursue programmes conducted in the German language. Advanced German lan­guage training methods in Germany allow the student to pick up the tongue very quickly.


Engineering,biotechnology, medicine, information tech­nology, and business administration are most popular among Indian students in German universities


The cost of living in Germany is amongst the cheapest in Europe. Germany is the world’s fourth largest economy and the leader in research and development. At present, there is a shortage of 100.0(H) engineers in Germany. Thus, there are plenty of full-time job opportunities for students pursuing technical pro­grammes in German uni­versities.