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The online facilities of the CBSE can also be called as, ‘The One Stop Shop’, as it inundates the users with innovative, but at the same time useful features.

The CBSE is bringing in huge innovations in the education sector, during the recent years. The CBSE school students haven’t come out of its drastic, academic accomplishment, namely the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) for the 9th and 10th standard academics. Now, it has also initiated the process of conducting an aptitude test. But, long before it has started the innovations through its online version. It is inevitable to ignore the description about the various online features of CBSE:

The first thing to mention would be the online result provisions feature, by the CBSE. Apart from displaying the results of the 10th and 12th standards of the CBSE schools, via online, it is also responsible for displaying the ‘All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)’, and the ‘All India PMT/PDT Entrance Examination’ results. The CBSE school results are displayed, according to each school that is in turn affiliated to the CBSE. The results are also made available through many ways, such as, Interactive Voice Response System, SMS, etc… Thus, the CBSE has taken huge steps in displaying the results, as in India the parents and the students would be really panicked to get the results, especially the 10th and 12th results. There is also a separate feature available, which is called as ‘Old Result Verification’, which enables the students to check their previous year’s results. Such features would definitely help the students to get any career reference, which might happen in the future.

It also provides the academic books via online, which could also be downloaded by the students. But, this facility would be available starting from the 8th standard to 12th standard students. It also provides research papers and magazines, CCE training books/manuals to the teachers, practical guides, model question papers, other support materials, etc… through its website. The books are also provided in all the major regional languages, thereby it plays an inevitable role in enhancing the reading habits of the students.

The next important online feature would be the ‘E-affiliation System’ of the CBSE. This comprises of facilities, like, online registration of the schools, details regarding the permanent affiliation, CBSE school directory, description about the ‘Affiliation Bye-Laws’, and many more related links. This enables the schools to check their application status online. Further, it also allows the schools to edit the information provided by them. There are also provisions for details like, the last inspection date and details, feedback, etc… the schools would be provided with a username and a password, which would be unique to a particular school. The details of the bye-laws and the online downloadable application are also available for the same. This majorly provides a friendly ambience, which is also tension-free to all the affiliated schools.

Apart from all these facilities, the CBSE also provides space for feedbacks, for example, it has got a separate place for registering the feedbacks of the parents, especially regrets, in case of the accomplishments of the CCE syllabus for the 9th and 10th standards academics. This feature of the online CBSE (portal) should be appreciated, as it acknowledges the parents’ feelings about the new academic scheme, thereby it enhances the ‘Management by Objective’ type of management system, which involves the participation of almost, everyone who are in turn would be involved in deciding and implementing the system’s procedures.