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Nursery Admissions 2011

Nursery Admissions Age and Forms in Delhi

When it is coming to the nursery admissions, the most buzzing news in India is that the government had risen the age of nursery admissions by one year, which means that the HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry has recommended the Delhi government to increase the age to nursery admissions this year 2010 from 3 years to 4 years. The Delhi high court had even arranged for an option to approach the grievance cell of Directorate of Education (DoE), if they have any problems with the ongoing nursery admissions. Is this problem persists only in the capital? We would be wrong, if we think so! This true news would be quite shocking; one parent had stood all night outside a school in Pune in the year 2009, to get nursery admission for his daughter. The nursery admissions are seen as an enormous process, which are little complicated in many places in India, especially in the capital Delhi; Gurgaon; Noida, Bangalore…

The days, during which the children were sent to the elementary schools to taste the school life, have gone! Now the trend is to send the children (kids) to top schools, even for kindergarten education have become the passion, which has in fact necessitated the small kids to consume the education with no idea about what it really means! The idea of having a governmental system to design the procedure and selection process of the nursery admissions is really encouraging, but the fact that the procedures keep on changing every year is little annoying, as it leaves the parents with a confusing situation; results as a worst nightmare! Now, the DoE had increased the age and also suggested the proximities of the residential areas (around a distance of 3 to 5 km) to the school, as the primary points of nursery admissions, but in the year 2009, the proximity wasn’t given concentration, rather the fact that a child should be at least 2.5 years old had really ended up in the overwhelming inflow to the nursery admissions!

Many schools have interview process, as one of the major selection steps; the worst case is that even the parents are interviewed to verify that whether they are qualified enough to teach their children; there is no logic in denying admissions to the children, whose parents are uneducated; thanks to the pressure generated by the media, which had put an end to such situations. The high desire for brand and luxury had made many private schools to shine more than the government schools and the government aided schools! Even the parents are to be blamed here, as they create such circumstances; they give importance to private institutions, who charges extraordinary amount even for the nursery education; their desire have placed them in a condition to pay huge money, as an admission fees; where the children with no interest suffer inundating information, which would in turn make a kid’s brain to get tired! If such situations prevail, who knows, it may likely to happen that the children would lose their interest on education!