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NSE Learn to Trade (NLT)

Practical Training for FMM Students

The students of Financial Markets Management course have 40 marks each for practical skill development in class XI and XII for the vocational paper Introduction to Financial Markets – I and II.

In stock and commodity markets, both speed and accuracy are extremely important. To acquire these skills,without losing money in the live market has been always a challenge, particularly for the beginners. This problem has been addressed by National Stock Exchange (NSE) by developing a specially designed mock trading software to simulate the live market conditions.

This software from NSE is called NSE Learn to Trade (NLT). The objective of NLT is to develop investment and trading skills needed in financial markets without financial loss. The NLT isa web based software, and students can practice and develop the skills in the financial market simulation labs in the school as well as from the comfort of their home using the laptop or personal computer.

The NLT has 9 modules. However,students will learn and practice only 6 of the following modules, 3 each in class XI and XII.Remaining modules are for higher classes.

For Class XI – Introduction to Financial Markets – I

  1. Numeric Speed Accelerator (NSA) – The objective of NSA is to develop speed and accuracy with numbers and basic arithmatical operators, without seeing the key board.
  2. Function Key Accelerator (FKA) – The objective of FKA is to develop familiarity with the name of the shares, their symbols, prices and quantity, using most frequently used function keys TAB, ENTER etc.
  3. Trading Skill Accelerator (TSA) – The objective of TSA is to improve both the speed and accuracy in punching the buy/sell order, one at a time, graduating from a speed of 15 seconds to 1 second.

For Class XII – Introduction to Financial Markets – II

  1. Arithmetic Skill Accelerator (ASA) – The objective of ASA is to develop the mental arithmetic calculation skills in the quickest possible time so that students can work out profit/loss, quantity bought/sold etc.
  2. NOW Simulation for Equity Shares (NSS) – NOWthe “NEAT ON WEB”is the live trading platform of NSE on CTCL (Computer to Computer Link) used by the trading members. The NSS module simulates this live trading platform for the equity market as a first step to learn real time trading.
  3. NOW Simulation Equity Derivatives (NSD) – The objective of NSD is to provide virtual trading platform to students to develop trading and risk management skills using equity derivatives – Futures & Options (F&O).

Minimum Hours for Practical: In supersession of earlier instructions on the subject, the students are required to practice on NLT software from NSE at least for 60 hourseach in class XI and XII to develop required practical skills in financial markets. A student who fails to practice for 120 hours on NLT software shall not be allowed to appear for the final practical examination of Introduction to Financial Markets II in class XII.

Management Reports – The Principal, teachers from schools, CBSE as well as NSE can monitor the progress of any student / school through various management reports generated by NLT. The reports include practice time by students, competency achieved in different module in speed and accuracy, progress etc.

Practical Examination & Skill Testing – The final board exam for practical of 40 marks each will also be conducted through the NLT software in the respective schools. The breakup of marks for practical examination in Financial Market Management is given below:





Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)



Viva Voice / Multiple Choice Questions (Online – on NLT)



Final Skill Test on NLT Software






Detailed instructions for conduct of practical examination are being sent separately.

All CBSE schools having FMM course may get the login id and password for NLT software, on or before 12th September 2012, for the students who have opted for FMM in class XI and XII by paying @Rs.200/- per student per year to NSE at the following address.

Head – Financial Education (Schools & Universities)

National Stock Exchange

4th Floor, JeevanVihar Building

Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110001

Tel no. 011-49393113 (D) / 49393000

Email: [email protected]

The DD should be in favour of National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. payable at New Delhi. In addition to students, 3 login ids for principal and teachers will be provided free by NSE.

NSE will also organize a free training workshop for FMM schools for skill development through NLT software on 19th September, 2012 at NSE office in Delhi. FMM schools may send in nomination of at least 2 teachers for attending the training through e-mail to [email protected] preferably by 31st August, 2012.