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Heritage India Quiz – Phase 1: City Chapter

Phase 1: City Chapter

The City Chapter will be segmented into One, Two, Three or Six City Chapters depending on the geographical diversity and the response from each region. It will be held across a minimum of one location and a maximum of 6 locations per region.

The City Chapter will be conducted tentatively between first weeks of October to mid- November, 2012. It will be a single day event comprising two stages. Each school will be represented by three students thus forming a team who may be selected from classes IX-XII.

Stage I: Written Elimination Round

This round will be in the form of a Power Point where the teams from each school will collectively attempt the test. There will be 30 Questions to be answered in 25 minutes where the respective teams of each school will have to write the answer. After the culmination of the test the answers will be provided while the evaluation happens simultaneously.

Stage II: On -Stage Round

In this round with the respective qualifiers of Stage I, an on-stage Round will be conducted which will be of 60-75 minute duration. This round will be conducted in a prominent school of the city wherein questions will comprise of mix of verbal, audio and visual questions.

The winner from each group will qualify for the Regional finals. The Regional Chapter will comprise of 6 teams.