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You could also call it as the online CBSE guide, as there are abundant such guides available in the internet. By mentioning as guides, these online sites are providing a complete support to the CBSE education.

Sample Papers and Books

Through such guides, one can find the sample question papers, practice sessions, latest news on CBSEimportant notes and key points, examination guidelines, related blog posts, and details about CBSE admissions, etc… Most of such sites provide the guideline features on the CBSE education system to both the students and the teachers. The best thing about such sites is that you could engage in conversation with your peers and could discuss the pros and cons of any subject, question paper, exam pattern, etc… the blogging facilities too available to promote such discussions via their sites. But, at the same time students should be careful regarding their time and energy, as the discussions and conversations via such sites sometimes might consume the maximum energy and time that concentrating in the subjects would get disturbed sometimes. Such sites have both positive and negative points that are described in here:

  • It is so good to have such sites, as you would be knowing plenty of details and upgrades regarding the CBSE examinations. But, no one could assure the authenticity of the latest news, regarding the CBSE education system, unless it comes via CBSE official website. Hence, trusting such sites might end up in a panicking situation in case of false information.
  • Many misguiding activities too happen via such sites, hence being alert would help you in spending quality time on quality CBSE guide sites.
  • In the earlier days, the guides to a particular board examination, for example state board were available in the book format, which in the beginning of the year would remain out of stock for most of the sites. But, now the technology has improved so much that students could check such guides via internet. Hence, sitting at one place, the students would be exposed to various thoughts and details about the particular board exams.
  • The authenticity of such guides available online, is the biggest question mark. But, I would say, if a student could use such sites wisely, then definitely the student could enhance his/her knowledge. Wisely meaning, some sites publish flash news such as ‘Pay Rs. 100 for subject question papers with solved answer sheets!’ this might attract the students who are using the sites, but they should stay alert all the time and should not fall under such fraudulent activities.
  • Too much of exposure, knowledge gaining/sharing, awareness of the CBSE examination pattern and structure, etc… are great plus via such sites, but at the same time too much of exposure may weaken the interest toward the syllabus and practice sessions that happen in the classrooms. Hence, the risk of the students staying inactive in the class is higher, thereby when it is coming to face the reality situations, the studentsbecome inactive, and the clear validation of the CBSE exam pattern and structure might not be reaching the students.