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CBSE Compartment Exam

 Compartment/ Supplementary Exam

(i) A candidate placed in compartment at the Senior School Certificate Examination may reappear at the compartmental examination to be held in July the same year, may avail himself/herself of Second Chance in March/April and Third Chance in July of next year. The candidate will be declared ‘PASS’ provided he/she qualifies the compartmental subjects in which he/she had failed. Syllabi and courses shall be the same as applicable for the candidates of full subjects appearing at the examination in the year concerned.

(ii) A candidate who does not appear or fails at one or all the chances of compartment shall be treated to have failed in the examination and shall be required to reappear in all the subjects at the subsequent annual examination of the Board as per syllabus and courses laid down for the examination concerned in order to pass the examination. The candidate shall have the option to appear at the practical examination in the subjects involving practical or retain their previous marks in one more annual examination after the 3rd chance compartment.

(iii) Syllabus and Courses for the Compartmental Candidates in March Examination shall be the same as applicable to the candidates of full subjects appearing at the examination.

(iv) A candidate placed in compartment shall be allowed to appear only in those subjects in which he/she has been placed in compartment at the Second Chance Compartmental Examination to be held in March/April next year.

(v) For subjects involving practical work, in case the candidate has passed in practical at the main examination he/she shall appear only in theory part and previous practical marks will be carried forward and accounted for. In case a candidate has failed in practical he / she shall have to appear in theory and practical both irrespective of the fact that he / she has already cleared the theory examination.

The First chance compartmental examination will commence in mid of July. Candidates will route their requests through the Head of institution. The Heads of Institutions will ensure that the list of compartmental candidates reaches the respective regional office by last week of June.

Application forms for private / compartmental candidates for Delhi region will be issued to the candidates along with Mark Statements from their respective Schools/Examination Centres.

The Board gives five chances to clear the compartment examination. The first examination is held in July-August followed by second chance in March-April and the third chance in July-August and so on. Unsuccessful candidates after these five attempts are required to appear afresh in all subjects there on.

Compartment Exam Eligibility :

A candidate failing in one of the five subjects of external examination shall be placed in compartment in that subject provided he/she qualifies in all the subjects of internal assessment.

Do not take stress of any type and clear your compartment exams.Prepare hard to clear the exam on next attempt, take help of friends or elders who can help you in learning physics. If time gap is 6 months or one year then in the meantime you can join some short term course to utilise your time and to get out of dilemma. Choose a course which is of your interest and where you can learn something useful. then there is management quota in college.After passing 12th, you can go for simple graduation like B.Sc.(maths) or B.Sc.(Computer Sc.) or some professional course or change your stream if you really feel so.

Always remember failure are not the end of everything rather they give you strength to stand firmly and succeed if you take them positively.

Below are some of the mistakes which you should avoid while filling up he form for compartment, improvement or private exam forms.

  1. Fresh MALE candidates are not allowed to appear as private candidate under Senior School Certificate Examination Scheme. However, he may appear through correspondence course. He is also asked to apply for refund of Exam fee.
  2. He/she should remit a sum of _ as balance of fee.
  3. He/she should intimate the previous Roll No. and year in which he/she had appeared at the Senior School Certificate Examination and submit the attested Photo Copy of the Previous Mark Sheet.
  4. Bank slip in original showing the amount to have deposited in the Syndicate Bank is required.
  5. His/her application form has not been attested by a proper forwarding officer/Principal. He/She is asked to attend the office for its rectification.
  6. Case(s) for holding over of fee/refund has not been received within the prescribed period of fifteen days/ three months from the date of commencement of the examination, hence, it has been rejected under rules of the Board.
  7. His/Her request for holding over/refund of the Examination fee has been rejected as he/she has partly appeared at the examination.
  8. His/Her application is returned herewith as it has to be forwarded to this office through the head of the institution in which he/she was studying.
  9. He/she is not eligible to appear at the ensuing Compartmental Exam.
  10. Fee is not refundable, however, he/she may apply for holding over the Examination fee for the Senior School Certificate Exam.
  11. Original Migration Certificate/Tenth pass certificate from previous Board is required.
  12. He/she is not eligible to appear at the Compartmental exam to be held in the month of July for improvement of performance. He/She is asked to apply for refund of fee.
  13. Affidavit from 1st Class Magistrate Stating No study after Xth Class from any Board is Required.