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Evidence of Assessments (EAs)

Verification of Evidence of Assessments (EAs) of Class IX/X students

The CBSE has in the last two years initiated random collection and verification of the ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ conducted at school level under Formative and Summative assessments.

These ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ and the marks awarded are verified by the subject experts/moderators appointed and empanelled by the Board at the Regional level. The objective is to assess the ‘Practices of School Based Assessment’. The experts would submit their report on these ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ vis-a-vis award of marks. Their report will help in verifying the school based assessments as well as provide feedback to the Board about implementation of CCE scheme at grass roots level. The CBSE will also inform schools on how the assessment can be made more effective.

The schools which will be shortlisted by the Regional Office will be requested to send the Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ for SA-1, FA1 & FA 2 of Class X (Session 2012-13) and SAII, FA3 & FA4 of Class IX (2011-12). This material (FA tasks and SA answer sheets) is being collected initially in five subjects: Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

From this term onwards in addition to the Regional Office, the Board has appointed certain City Coordinators in different cities where you will be required to send these evidences. The names of these Coordinators will soon be intimated to you. Please ensure that these ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ sent to the designated Coordinators comprise of the performance of five students taken from each of the three categories i.e. top, middle and bottom levels of achievements. Thus, your school if selected should be submitting fifteen Evidence of Assessments (EAs) (FA tasks and SA answer sheets) for every assessment i.e. 15 for FA (FA1, FA2 taken together) and 15 for SAI of Class X and 15 for FA (FA3, FA4 taken together) and 15 for SAII of Class IX. This is applicable only to one subject which will be communicated to you by the Regional Office. (Refer to Annexure I for selection of samples)


The school is required to send details about all the fifteen FA tasks in the subject as directed by Regional Office which should include the break-up of marks as well as the parameters for assessment. If the nature of the Evidence of Assessments (EAs) is such that it cannot be posted or transported such as oral testing, seminars, group discussion, model, chart etc. a brief write-up as already prepared by the teacher on the assignment may please be sent along with marks awarded. This should include the details of the task assigned to students individually or in groups as well as the strategies adopted and the parameters used for assessment. The schools should send only those tasks that have been taken into account for arriving at the grades for FA3 and FA4. (Please refer to para 5 and 8 of Annexure II)


Question Paper used and its marking scheme in the subject should also be attached with SA answer sheet irrespective of whether you have used the question paper sent by the Board or your own question paper.


The Board from this term has started collecting evidences of co scholastic assessment. So also please send write-ups, photographs, anecdotal records, Charts, poems, CDs of the students performance selected by you. A mention may be made about the Manuals/Activities being used for imparting Life Skills.

After you are informed by the Regional Office, please ensure that all the ‘Evidence of Assessments (EAs)’ in the subject indicated by the Regional Officer along with the co- scholastic assessment are sent through speed post or hand delivered (at school’s cost) to the concerned Regional Officer/City Coordinator latest by 20th October 2012 along with the checklist for collection of evidence (Annexure II).

In case of any queries kindly contact Mrs. Sugandh Sharma, Education Officer (Commerce) at 011-23220155 or email at [email protected] with a copy to Director (Academic and Training) at email id [email protected]

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