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Earthquake in DC

The earthquakes in DC wasn’t dangerous to take many lives, but was destructive to cause damages!

As such, there are no great histories of wild earthquakes causing huge damages in DC, but the great earthquake that had caused considerable damages in West Indies had also attacked the Washington D.C. regions in theyear 1843. Some of the earliest shock of the earthquake was felt in the year 1758. Likewise, the earthquakes that had occurred in the years 1884, 1887, and 1918 could be portrayed as examples in the histories of earthquakes that stroked DC in the past years. The consequences of the melting ice, which apparently increases the water level in the beach regions of the east coast, i.e. Washington D.C. could be one of the major reasons for such causes. The largest glaciers of the Greenland too, add up to the factors that cause the earthquakes in D.C.

The three great earthquakes near Missouri in the years 1811-1812 were felt in strongly in Virginia in Washington D.C. The destructive South Carolina in the year 1886 were felt in Washington D.C. too. The people from the cities, Alexandria, and Virginia ran to the streets and the cities were alerted with earthquake alarms too. A tremor in the year 1897 was moderate in its strength, but were responsible in causing damages like, cracking up the old brick houses, washing away the bricks from the chimney tops, and slight ground fissures, etc… in fact this earthquake is the strongest earthquakes in the Virginia’s history. The cities namely, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Annapolis, Baltimore, Carolina, and Alexandria, etc… are some of the cities in Washington D.C. that had faced the tremors of the earthquakes more frequently, till date.