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Earthquake in Canada

There shouldn’t be any questions about the fact that Canada is listed in the top ten countries that are frequently prone to earthquakes!

If you plunge into the data of earthquakes that had attacked the world till date, then Canada would be listed in the category, probably in the top ten countries, because it is the authentic spot of earthquakes that it isfrequently prone to seismic activity in a single year. Each year, at least 3000, or more earthquakes happen on an average in, or near the regions of Canada. The earthquakes are so frequent and small too to cause severe damages to the country. The major Canadian cities that are in the earthquake risk zones are, Victoria, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec city. The Victoria city had experienced two major earthquakes in the year 1918 with a recorded magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale and in the year 1946, which got recorded with a magnitude of about 7.3 on the Richter scale. It is feared that the city has the potential of more earthquakes that too with huge magnitude of about 9, or more than that. The major reasons for these cities to be earthquake vulnerable ones are either due to numerous old buildings in the city, or due to the intensive stress development in the regions, where the earth’s crust is being compressed, and most of the buildings in few cities are much older that they are not updated according to the new building codes, etc… The earthquakes near the west of Canada are caused by the slow movement of a series of tectonic plates. In the south region, namely in the Vancouver islands, the plates were thrusting beneath one another, causing the risks of earthquakes, besides causing the volcanic eruptions. If you take the east of the country, the conditions are unpredictable.