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Software Engineering

The fact is that the industry has placed India in a spotlight and also fulfilled the dreams of many as software engineer! Attractive pay-scale, enticing opportunities and overall, the plethora of options have made software engineering a sort of unique profession!
India certainly holds the lion’s share of the IT outsourcing market; there is also indigenous growth within the country that makes our IT sector, a promising sector for career opportunities! So what makes software engineering, all that interesting apart from the fascination of pay, travel and growth? If we think about it, then we can say that the potential for working on innovative things would definitely be on the top of the list. Software engineering has created a platform that gives food for your thoughts. This ideal nature of creativity in software engineering makes one’s job interesting as a software engineer. It also paves way to career enhancements based on one’s capability; not only as an individual performer, but also in a team; his/her approach to complex problems; adaptability characteristics, as they would be repeatedly shifted to various platforms (domains) to learn different applications; and their eagerness to learn new skills and also earnestness to update them technologically till date… Thus, such jobs in turn enhance the knowledge dormitory of an individual, thereby shaping his/her personality. Software engineering is playing a leading role in almost all the business fields, because of its dynamic business applications, which is efficient enough of solving complicated problems. According to a recent survey, the average salary of Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer ranges from Rs. 410, 321 – Rs. 724, 568. The software engineering and its related degrees is yielding a bigger and better salary, when compared to other degrees: the average salary of B.E. ranges from Rs. 390, 700 – Rs. 720, 500; for M.C.A (Master of Computer applications), it ranges from Rs. 390, 000 – Rs. 650, 000; for B. Tech, it ranges from Rs. 370, 000 – Rs. 700, 000. Thus, such huge amount of salaries too, plays one of the major reasons of attracting the students towards the software engineering studies. In fact, the software industries in India have made a big difference in an average life of an individual in the society. It is in the blooming period of such industries, people working in the software field enjoyed enormous benefits, such as, multiple credit cards; loan facilities; insurance facilities; reimbursements features… This has also created a big impact in the other areas, which includes, banking sectors; real estate; insurance companies… It did made people’s life, more sophisticated; it allowed them to dream bigger; it even bestowed its people with a status in their living environment. It didn’t stop with all these; people, who are working in the software companies, are provided with the opportunities to go aboard (to their client’s places) for projects (work) and these people would be given double the salary, when they are in their deputation period. This has helped the people to explore the opportunities available in the foreign countries and also to get settled in their life; it increased the buying power of the people, which resulted in increasing the real estate value in the country. Hence, there is no way to chip off the growth altitude of the software industries and its jobs; even by the drastic economical crisis! It’s obvious that these jobs has honored the people with confidence; personality attributes and social status; more than a career!