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Problem Solving Assessment

Question Paper Booklets having Code 091P are meant for Class IX and those having Code 111P are meant for Class XI.

This batch of class X will not be taking Assessing, Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL) or Problem Solving Assessment (PSA), which is only applicable from Class IX of this session (2012-2013). More details will be provided soon.

This batch of class XII will not be taking Assessing Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL) or Problem Solving Assessment (PSA), which is only applicable from Class XI of this session (2012-2013).

It is a widely acknowledged fact that research and analytical skills, ability to apply basic concepts of different subjects, solve application based problems in Mathematics and Science, comprehend and analyse written text and effective communication are the skills which ensure success in Higher Studies and Professional areas. These dimensions of 21st Century life skills will greatly assist learners in acquiring higher order thinking skills such as Problem Solving and Decision Making.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to initiate “Problem Solving Assessment” (CBSE- PSA) for students of Classes IX and XI from the second term of session 2012-13.

The board has decided to replace one of the four formative assessments (FA) with a problem solving assessment (PSA) for Classes IX and XI.  The first test will be conducted on January-February 2013 for Class IX. The test will  involve questions to test a student’s problem-solving ability.

The PSA is not a new test but it will replace the already existing pen-paper test in the FA. The only difference will be that PSA will be conducted by the Board in the respective schools and the evaluation will be done by the Board. The exam will be conducted on the same day and the question paper will be provided by the Board. This 90-minute test will have nothing from the textbooks. It will comprise of questions from mathematics and an English passage from old essays or contemporary fiction.

The new criterion will fit into the third and fourth formative assessments. The fourth assessment includes multiple choice questions, projects and unit tests. All these will be replaced by a PSA that tests a student’s knowledge on co-scholastic situations.

Registration for this Assessment will be done separately by the Board and detailed circular will be issued before the start of the second term i.e. September 2012.

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