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The sudden energy, which breaks out in the earth crust leads to earthquakes, but ultimately sucking the energy of the peoples’ lives! The stressful point is that it is getting continued then and now and who knows until when…!?

The after-effects of the earthquakes would be much stronger that they might even induce great changes in our daily lives, for example, a day’s length was shortened by 6.8 microseconds after the tsunami, which did happen in the year 2004!

The earthquakes can also end up in disastrous consequences like, tsunami, landslides, etc… Basically, the earthquakes create seismic waves, which happens due to sudden release of energy in the earth crust and sometimes if such vigorous waves hit the base of the ocean, then it would lead to tsunami and other dangerous consequences, like destruction of buildings, volcanic eruptions, sometimes even causing an another earthquakes with lesser magnitudes, etc…

Many earthquakes have shocked the entire world with fatalities, causalities, destruction, etc… Who could forget the recent disastrous earthquake that affected Haiti in the year 2010, which happened at a magnitude of 7.0 and ended up killing more than 230, 000 people with serious aftershock effects which had left more than 1, 000, 000 people, homeless. Likewise, the most destructive earthquakes that have almost spoken, wide across the globe are portrayed here:

Indian Ocean Earthquake

No one could ever forget about the Indian Ocean earthquake that had happened in the year 2004, which took huge disastrous shape under the sea, thus resulting in ‘Tsunami’ in the regions of Sumatra, Indonesia,Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Maldives… it affected more than 14 countries, taking away the lives of more than 100, 500 people. It is been recorded as the third largest earthquake in the world, which happened with a huge magnitude of 9.1 to 9.3, which had triggered earthquakes in other countries like Alaska and many more, as a sequence of post consequences.

Sichuan Earthquake

This earthquake attacked the Sichuan province of China in the year 2008, taking away the lives of 68, 000 people, had appeared at a magnitude of 8.0. Sometimes, the aftershocks of the earthquakes could also bedangerous and when Sichuan earthquake attacked, the aftershocks lasted even after 6 months, causing earthquakes in other areas at a magnitude of 6.0, thereby eventually increasing the death toll and inventing new causalities.

Kashmir Earthquake

This made an entry into the history of earthquakes that hit very hard, causing dangerous disasters in the world, in the year 2005, centered in the regions of Kashmir, namely Azad Kashmir, which in turn would fall under thePakistan administration. It was registered with a magnitude of 7.6 causing serious fatalities, which did rise to a number of 75, 000.


You would be shocked to see the details of the magnitude at which the earthquakes had happened in the past. In the year 2007, there were 4 earthquakes happened in the magnitude range of 8.0-9.9 on the Richter scale. In the magnitude range of 7.0-7.9, many earthquakes had stroked down the lives in the world, which includes, 10 earthquakes in the year 2005 and 2006, 14 earthquakes in the year 2007, 12 earthquakes in the year 2008 and many more. The death toll had tremendously increased from year to year, thus it was in the range of 231 in the year 2000, 1, 685 in the year 2002, 284, 010 in the year 2004, 82, 350 in the year 2005, 88, 000 in the year 2008, and goes on. But, the fact the earthquakes that are appearing to strike nowadays are more destructive and tremendously huge in magnitude, when compared with those earlier years is really painful!

Casualty Ratio

There is also a huge growth in the casualty ratios, due to the disastrous earthquakes that had attacked the world in the years 1986-2008. The average casualty ratio during these years is estimated to be 6.9, which is huge when you compare this ratio with the casualty ratio that happened in the years 1970-1985, which were just at 4.3.

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